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i posted last week about DDs poo's Lock Rss

I got a second opinion and Dr thinks DD has/had Giardia and she was put on antibiotics for 3 days.
We went through the course of antibiotics but they seem to have made no difference.
Since last thursday afternoon she has had 3 bowel movements. Once while waiting for a second opinion at the doctors, once on sunday afternoon and one today at lunch time. This is far from normal for her. Before all this happened she would have had at least 7-10 bowel movements in 7 days and they would have been normal.
They are still not firm and normal looking and so ive got ANOTHER appointment tomorrow to find out what the next step is as this has been going on for a month now.

i dont really know why im posting except i guess to vent and see if anyone has had similar experience and what the problem ended up being.
Her diet hasnt changed but im wondering if it will now be a case of eliminating certain things from her diet?
Or perhaps having a look with one of those little cameras you swallow? i dont know if they do that with kids though.

i am feeling so deflated and over everything today and the fact i have no idea what is wrong with my DDs tummy is just making me feel even worse.

oh and DH is being a PRICK today so i feel like calling it quits on everyone and everything today and just curling up in a ball and crying. sad

just a big poor me/DD post.
Have you tried some Coloxyl drops from the chemist? DD2 has been constipated ever since we went to my mum's a couple of weeks ago. She always gets irregular if we go to stay somewhere different. Anyway, just some Coloxyl mixed in with a bit of milk or water (or Milo in DD2's case cos I know she'll drink the lot) has helped for us.

Other than that I hope you get some answers from the Dr. We knew DD2 was not happy because she was refusing to go nappy free. It was really hard just to get her to have a bath.
In my experience things like this can take a while to resolve themselves till movements are back to normal.

When I had salmonella poisoning it took 6 weeks or so, I had to go completely lactose free for weeks and then a bowl of cereal with milk would set me off again. The bowel can become very sensitive for a while.

If the stools arent firm then it doesnt sound like constipation, just sounds like she's a bit out of whack following this infection. Perhaps limit the lactose in her diet and see how she goes.
Oh your poor DS. I remember having this when I was younger and it took ages to get out of your system (from memory its a bug that lives in our water).

I remember having a lot of tummy pains and endless trips to the DR's and stool samples (my poor mum).

I don't think mum changed my diet but unfortunately it had to run its course.

Hope that your DS gets better soon
it sounds like the AB are working and will take a week or two, or maybe more for them to really have effect on your dd's bowels.

Did you try the pro-biotic yoghurt? If you do give her yoghurt, it has to be the ones with live cultures. There are numerous brands out there that make these types of yoghurts or you could also try an organic yoghurt from a health food store.

good luck!
If she is happy its more than likely they will do nothing. N has had conitnous problems since he was born. He has had quite a number of tests done. Now we have a referal to a paed gastro, that we had to fight for. Our paed didnt want to send him coz hes a happy child but he has had long term problems and gets very upset with it. He told us it may be somehting he will grow out of and it may be but he has continually been sick so we want the assurance of someone above him. My point is its unlikley they will do anything other than more stool samples to check for other bugs and infections.
thank you for the replies.

Yeahie - i dont think it is constipation as when she does have a bowel movement it comes easily and is VERY soft. I have another appt tomorrow so i will ask if he recommends any drops etc

happyhead - Thanks for the advice about the lactose. she has always been sensitive to dairy and she has very little (the only thing she DOES like is yoghurt - wont drink milk etc) so ive continued with the yoghurt but its made no difference. i may have to cut it out all together though just to see if it helps at all.

KatieA - your poor mum LOL i am not sure whether they will bother with another sample as the last one came back "satisfactory" showing no bacteria (so they dont even know for certain if it WAS Giardia) but the Dr did say that they often are unable to get results from one sample.

Nmjs, i can understand what you are saying. It must be hard having a happy child with stomach problems because it makes it harder to recognise the problems if they arent distressed. You say that N has had continuous problems since he was born but the reason im concerned is because DD has NEVER had problems. shes always been regular like clockwork. i could time her bowel movements by my watch it was so regular. But the frequency of the bowel movements and the content itself is completely different to how it has ever been and she does complain of a full tummy, sore tummy and often says she needs to poo but nothing happens.
She doesnt say that it hurts but i wouldnt be suprised. i'd say it was constipation but when it does happen it is more like diarrhea which is why Dr thought it was an infection.

Thanks very much
You're obviously not happy with the diagnosis, so I'd be asking for an xray of her gut, to rule out any backup of waste products. That can also cause what you're describing.

Did they test a stool sample for Giardia? If not, WHY not?

Have they done ANY stool samples?? if not WHY not?

Have you taken her off ALL dairy products? An upset gut will have stripped the villus from her intestine making her lactose intolerant, which therefore will make the loose stools continue - once those villus are repaired then reintroduce dairy products slowly until she's used to it.

Lactose intolerance doesn't stay forever, it comes and goes - depending on the health of the bowel.

Hope she improves.
they did take a stool sample, last thursday. when the results came back they were "satisfactory" When i asked what that meant, the nurse said "there was no bacteria found" so i have rebooked for tomorrow.

I was not advised to take her off dairy at all. i was just told to put her on the antibiotics and if it made no difference, to bring her back. she doesnt eat much dairy as it is (wont drink milk, doesnt like cheese etc.) the only dairy she will eat is yoghurt and yes, i have been giving that because i wasnt advised not to until i read replies on here about giving her the live cultured ones.

she was never officially diagnosed as lactose intollerant but she was suspected as a baby so i kept her off dairy until after 12 months and then very slowly introduced it over the last year. i will cut it out all together if it could be causing the stools to continue to be abnormal. i also had no idea that lactose intolerance comes and goes depending on the bowels health so that makes sense.

i will discuss it with the dr tomorrow.
If she has had anti-biotics then I would give her sme of the kids inner health plus, it wont hurt her and comes in a powder form which you can put juice, milk, water etc.
DS had a tummy bug about a month ago and it took about a week after to get back to 'normal'. One thing I was suggested was a piece of cheese to help 'bind' his poo.

I know this is new for her and after the stool sample they probably wont look into it because it hasnt been long. If she has been sensitive to lactose before she might be sensitive while her tummy is unwell or she has just had to much lately and its built up. Try taking her off for a couple of weeks and see if she improves. I know how you feel about the not knowing, its horrible.
hi just to let anyone know who was replying to my questions that i took DD back to the doctor today and she is now on a lactose/dairy free diet for the next 2 weeks to see if that makes any difference.
thanks again
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