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Hi Elisa, I can't send you a pm sad

Love Michelle xx
Hi Michelle,

I think it's because my in box is too full from the old huggies. I am slowly deleting old pms but have a long way to go!

How are you? I am going to be in Lavington 26/27 June! I will try to delete my pms so we can 'talk' to see if you want to meet for a coffee.

Love Elisa

So jealous.
I would like to meet for a coffee too sad

Hi Elisa

Just thought I'd say hi, because I tried to send you a PM a few times since meeting you in Melbourne and I can't either!!

Id love to send you a message, if you would PM me your email address I could send it there?

Leah xo
ohhh, yes please!!
That would be sensational! That is next weekend!!

I don't know if you still have my email...I'd pm it to you if I could LOL

Keep in touch....would be fantastic to meet you!
oh, forgot to add, Pauline you are welcome to come to.....
I've deleted all my messages now so I am all set!

Pauline - I am absolutely going to be visiting you - I can't wait to meet you.

Leah and Michelle - I have sent you both a PM smile

oh, forgot to add, Pauline you are welcome to come to.....

You are being mean!!!
But you are all invited to my place for coffee! When are you free?

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