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Ear infection question Lock Rss

DD1 has an ear infection. We were at the hospital at 12.30 this morning *yawn* and the Dr gave us a script for drops and said if they were to sting or she had any trouble taking the medicine to come back.

I got the drops this morning and gave the first lot to her and she said it hurt and cried a little. Gave her the second lot earlier and she started crying lots and saying it was really hurting and telling me to wipe it off/take it out/make it stop hurting sad I gave her some nurofen after and she went to sleep eventually but with tears in her eyes and holding her ear...she's still dozing but has her hand to her ear every now and then.

What would you do? Would you just give her the last lot for the day and see how she went or would you take her back this arvo when she wakes up?

Thanks smile

I'd take her back. She may need some antibiotics rather than ear drops. Sometimes the ear drops can makes things more aggravated.....poor baby sad

Ah good! Thanks so much! I was tempted to take her back but didn't want to go to emergency just for that, you know? Although I suppose the Dr did say to come back.

Her left side of her head (the infected ear) is quite hot too sad

DH works tonight too so he won't be home for me to be able to zip her up to the hospital if it gets worse tonight.

I'd go back. I've never heard of drops being used, my girls have always been given antibiotics for an ear infection. That seems to clear it up very quickly.
They're called Otodex.

Her cheeks are red and her face is quite hot sad

My boys have always suffered from middle ear infections so I consider myself a bit of an expert at this after dealing with it all up for 10 years now! When its quite red like that i always found the best thing to do is hold a warm wet face washer over it [as warm as she can stand without it burning her of course]. nurofen and panadol are excellent cause you need to bring down the swelling too.
I know this sounds horrible but the quicker it 'bursts' the better it is for them. Its the pressure that causes all the pain but once it bursts and releases that pressure they feel so much better. You'll find that if it was a big middle ear infection that it will ooze for quite a few days. If she'll allow you try and keep a warm wet washer over it for a few minutes at a time to help draw out all the muck.
Let us all know how she is

I'd go back. I've never heard of drops being used, my girls have always been given antibiotics for an ear infection. That seems to clear it up very quickly.

I'm with you - never been given ear infection for an ear ache & those that I have heard about that were given ear drops all found it very painful. I'd be asking for antibiotics......24hours of that & she'll feel sooooo much better.....good luck smile

Thanks tjns04!!
The Dr said he couldn't see any oozing but she's not feeling much better. I know it's only been a day and two doses of the drops but the way she handled the second dose wasn't good. I'll take her back when she wakes and DH wakes (he was up till after 1am waiting for us and he has to work tonight at 9.30pm) so he can watch DD2.

MicahsMummy and Lucky Mummy I have been given antibiotics before too, not drops. The Dr must have expected her to possibly not react well to them to tell me to come back if it stings.

I'm taking her back. She's so tired from coughing all night every night last week and now with the pain she's just exhausted. She never sleeps during the day.

Thanks so much smile I hate going to emergency for these things but with the public holiday today and my Dr being booked well ahead I wouldn't have had her seen to for days.

How old is your DD? And do you know what type of ear infection it is?

I'm a bit of a pro (sadly) when it comes to middle ear infections because DS gets them every 5wks or so. sad He's getting grommits now so hopefully things will get better.

Anyway, if it's a middle ear infection, from the many doctor's that have seen DS, ear drops won't do much to help it clear up, they need antibiotics.

Panadol helps a lot and also, lying down is agony for them so elevating their bed a bit can ease the pain a bit. Lots of probiotic yogurts/foods are great and no water in the ear!!

I know how awful it is seeing them in a lot of pain. sad Is there an after hours GP you could go to? I would go and request helps things to settle within a couple days; but I understand your hesitation too - I HATE hospitals!!

I hope she gets better soon. sad
DD1 is 3.5 years.

The Dr just said it looked like an ear infection. It was red but there was no oozing.

There is an after hours clinic but it's probably closing soon so the hospital is my only choice now.

I thought we were going to get antibiotics not drops. But I got a script for the drops and had to wait till the chemist opened this morning to get them sad Poor thing went all night in pain.

That's right!! No water! I forgot, thanks for reminding me. Looks like DD1 is having a sponge bath with DD2 tonight LOL!

Fingers crossed you have no more trouble with ear infections after the grommets smile

So I took DD1 back and the Dr that saw her said that unless she has a fever the ear drops are the safest type of antibiotic she can have. The oral antibiotics are there if she starts to get a fever.

So there you go! I never knew that...

Thanks for all your help smile

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