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Need to know about Premmie Bubs Lock Rss

Okay - so DS was born at 36wks and had issues with sucking, so was in SCN for 10days til feeding was under control and under the heat lamp for the first few of those. Then we were seeing specialists of some kind (Paed, lactation consultant, midwife, etc...) every 2nd or 3rd day til he was about 6 wks.
DD was born at 35.5wks but was perfect - no feeding or breathing issues and just like a full term bubba...
So, I've now been in hospital 3 times - I've also had the steroids this time (which I never had with the other 2) and having contractions for 9.5wks (since 25wks) had the steroids at 32wks which they said would only work for about 4 wks... and well, I am PRETTY MUCH OVER IT!

I saw my ob today and he said "I know the contractions are a pain in the a$$ and they are pi$$ing you off", but every day inside is better than out at this point and because its so unknown you really don't want to go there cos it might be worse!"
So just wondering, if you have had a bub at 34 or 35 wks - please tell me your story - I'd really like to get an idea of what it might entail and also - would be very interested to know if you had the steroids do you think it made a difference???


B&J were born at 34 weeks but were twins and had acute TTTS, J was classed as 28 weeks. They spent 4 weeks in special care. Main issues were breathing, inability to tolerate formuula so I had to work hard to get my milk going and then expressing enough for 2. So expect to tube feed and also of course the higher risk of infection which both mine had, it is up and down. Also were were told not to leave our house or have anyone visit for 8 weeks after we got home (so 3 months after their birth).
I havent had a premmie baby but I was a premmie baby born at 33.5 weeks (almost 30 years ago) . I know my mum didnt have the steroids and I did have trouble breathing and had a feeding tube for a few weeks .
But things could have changed over the past 30 years and if your bubba was born at 35 weeks and was fine with no steroids then surely the steroids will help if this bub comes early too .
Goodluck with the birth of your new bubba smile
I had dd1 at 35+2....big emergency and no time for steroids - major dramas with me but dd was relatively fine.

Similar to your first birth, she wasnt breathing when she was born, put on oxygen and ngt, had sucking problems, saw midwives/lactation consultants...the works. She had jaundice but didnt need lights thankfully.

Fast forward 14 months later and dd2 arrives at 37+6. I was given steriods. DD2 had severe jaundice and was under lights for 4 days but didnt have any feeding probs as such - she was just a very big 10 pound baby and came out starving and had to wait a few days before my milk came in.

IMO the steroids did didly squat...but that's not to say they dont have their place.

I cant imagine what you're going through with the contractions you're having, but you've been there done that with early bubs so you know what you're in for if you do actually go early again. The drs have your best interest in mind (believe it or not lol) and it is safer for bub to be in as long as possible, but I do believe there is a fine line between your mental health and the baby needing to be born.

I had a horrible 3rd trimester with dd2 and begged and begged the hospital to let me go early - she was huge ffs.....but I kept getting the "hospital policy" shoved in my face where they wouldnt help me have bub until 38 weeks. In the end after a day of eratic contractions and a transverse lying heiffer of a kid at 37 weeks 6 days, they decided I'd had enough.....!

Good luck with your impending arrival - may he/she arrive safely and soon!

Thanks all for your replies - its so hard to know if I should take matters into my own hands (not too seriously - but a few of the more natural methods iykwim!) or just keep trying to keep calm through contractions and keep bub inside - I had a sense that this bub would come early sometime this month!

Its so hard to judge when I compare my other 2 and my DD was 'better' than DS even though she was earlier - I often think thats because I KNEW what I was doing so feeding was less of an issue (but they do say girls are stronger than boys) so there lies another thing that makes me doubt myself that if it comes even at the same time as DD at 35wks (would be the same time next sunday or monday) - it may not be so 'easy' this time around...

As I said - thanks for your replies - I'll check again tomorrow morning to see if anyone else has had experience with the steroids.


my son was 34 weeks

he had a bit of jaundus (sp)

he was only in hosp for 8 days. he was 5lb.

he BF after 2 days and he was a happy healthy boy so dont worry if you have your bubs nowish smile

good luck
I was given the steroids at 33 weeks, then DD was born at 35 weeks. Apart from the fact she was 5pd 2oz, she was just like a full term baby. No problem breathing, feeding etc. She had jaundice for a few days.

I don't know if the steroids did anything or not.

Although she was fine, I still think it would be better for you to wait as long as possible despite how annoying it must be for you.

Good luck.
My DS was born at 34 weeks and weighed 4lb 2oz. He was struggling to breathe when he was born so was taken straight to the SCN. After spending 5 hours in the SCN, the paedatrician came to my room to tell me that an ambulance had been called to take my DS to the nearby Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He was on CPAP and under a heat lamp for 5 nights in the NICU. He was tube fed. He was then transfered back to the hospital he was born in (where I still was) and had a further 5 nights in the SCN. I was able to breast feed him but he was returned to the humdicrib ASAP didn't get many cuddles sad unfortunately.

Once we left hospital he continued to do really well. It took nearly a month for him to return to his birth weight but since then we haven't looked back. He is now a happy & healthy 3 year old!

I had steriods injections on the Thursday and Friday prior to his delivery on the Tuesday. My ob told me this would reduce his time in the SCN....., my ob never even expected he would have to go to the NICU....

Best of luck with the arrival of your new little one!!
Jayden was born at exactly 34 weeks... no steroids and was 5pd 3oz. If there was a way around not having him that early I would've done it as it was a horrible time. I had a straight forward delivery, no complications.. but he was born purple and they had to revive him... He was then on oxygen for a while and had to stay in hospital for over 3 weeks and he has had difficulties with his respitory system ever since. He had jaundice and he had the NGT in for over 2 weeks and wouldnt latch on to breast feed.... altho we got there eventually.

Good luck, Hope everything goes well for you and bub.

Its so good to hear REAL stories - one Dr said with the steroids at 32 wks its like having a term baby (which I thought was a little strange - why wouldn't everyone do it if it was!) - but my ob said its not always the case so I guess the other Dr was just trying to reduce my levels of stress! And by chance when I was in hospital my original Paed for DS popped in for a visit as she remembered my name on the list and she was good but a little vague (she just said "well - all we need is for it to be warm sweet and pink; able to maintain body temp, keep up insulin - which is hard cos of the feeding/tiredness thing, and have good blood circulation, before it can go home." also said it would probably need tube feeds (which I expected from DS) to get and keep its energy up.
I'm just getting SOOOOOO exhausted from the constant lack of decent sleep AND always having to concentrate just to breathe and get through etc...
Mum of one: that is probably my worst fear that things would go fine but then bubs would need to be transferred to NICU at a different hospital - would send me crazy!
Rach you are spot on about the fine line between my mental well being and bubs coming - the exhaustion will set me up for other issues after bubs arrives if I don't take care of myself in that respect.
Thank you all again for your replies - I will continue to try and hold on for a few more days...


IMO the mental health of the mother really needs to be taken into account, especially in cases like yours.

If possible, see if you can get the drs to pin down a date when they think it will be safe for bub to be born. That way, whatever date it is, be it 34 weeks or 38 weeks, its a date you can work towards and focus on. You need to look forward to something more than just the arrival of the baby, especially if the baby is born with a few probs because he/she arrived early.
I have no experience with seriously prem babies (DS 2 came at 36 weeks and was just fine) but I think your attitude is amazing, and I hope it all goes well for you and your baby. I imagine living with constant contractions would be so very of luck to you.

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