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interest free at Harvey Norman........ Lock Rss

Ok so we got a new TV and DVD recorder on interest free around Xmas and got a GO Mastercard, I know you can still use it as a mastercard but we only have it for I/F, anyway I think our fridge is about to *** itslef AGAIN (3rd time) and if it does I really can't justify fixing it again, soooooooo.........

My question is if H/N have interest free deal can we put it on the mastercard as well???? Will it still be 2 seperate transactions???
I am pretty sure as long as you have the space left on the card, you can put the fridge on it as an interest free but it will be a seperate transaction on the card because the interest free period will expire on a different date. So the bill you get for the card will list both interest free periods seperately but on the same bill
thanks so if I buy the fridge, so I just hand over the M/C? or do I have to apply for interest free agaiN???

thanks so if I buy the fridge, so I just hand over the M/C? or do I have to apply for interest free agaiN???

On your bill you should have a max purchese amount they will lend you. so say if you TV and what ever else you got came to $2500 but you were approved for $6000 then you have the remainder to spend on your card...

it should have it on your statement from GE/Go
Hey Jess,

If you have enough funds on your card then you will just have to swipe it like a normal transaction to get the interest free. You wont have to apply for interest free.

Just be aware though, that if you are paying monthly amounts, then the funds come off in a certain order, so you need to make sure that they all get paid off in time.

Funds you pay come of any interest paying amounts (so if you have used it as a credit card or for any cash advances), then it comes off the next interest free to expire.

NO NO NO.... Jess you need to tell the person serving you its interest free or it will be charged to your go mastercard as a normal interest baring trasaction... they need to imput it all into the computer first for you to get the interest free but your not applying again..... dont just hand over your card at the register tell the employee.......
they only give you one account at a time, so if you go and put something else on interest free then it goes on there too, as long as you are approved for it i think. i have never done this myself (never done interest free) but my sister has and this is what they did with hers.

u need to tell the sale person u want interest free, and discuss the terms with them. If u have enough credit limit it will then be added as a seperate transaction to ur account. Also if it is defered payments as far as I'm aware any money u are currently paying even if are to pay extra to cover the new purhase will be applied against ur first purchase until that is cleared then it is applied to ur later purchase.
I used to work at HN and I also have a Go Mastercard. Given that you have enough left on your card to cover the cost of a new fridge you will be approved for a seperate transaction. Depending on what promos they are running right now, if its is out of a big int free/ def payment terms, they might only offer you 12mths int free but you will still need to make the payments. The seperate purchases will be listed seprately on your statement outlining when the I/F period runs out and if and what amount you will pay monthly on the whole of on your account. As per the PP just make sure you tell the sales person you want to put it on your go mastercard under ineterst free terms if available. Oh and there may be a minimum amount you need to spend (eg $500) if you want the interest free terms (Outside of a promo). Just go in and ask!

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