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What/how much do you buy your kids Lock Rss

I have two sweet tooth children who like chocolate more than me!

Erin (18mths) will get a 'my little pony' bowl, cup, spoon & egg set.

Ben (3.5yrs) will get a 'thomas' mug & egg set.

Then they will both share some 'chicken egg' sized hunting eggs and a bag of solid eggs - mummy & daddy will also share these smile

They have already received a pair of winter pjs each from my nanna, and they'll prob get a tracksuit + some chocs each from family.

Whatever they do get will be divvied out over the next few weeks, they won't be eating it all in one go - tho they would probably LOVE to!

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

ds 3yrs and dd 19months have a set of PJs each, a choc rabbit, a few small eggs and a little peter rabbit/puddle duck toy, and some hunting eggs. also a show bag each (which was a last minute decision)

after buying that and stuff for our families i hate to think what i spent. i will probably have a few of the kids eggs but i know ill have to hide them from DP or the kids will have none left lol

Whoah! What did she get for xmas???LOL

Lol she got a sand pit and sand (the sand was more expensive lol) all her summer clothes and pjs, an awesome pool well so i thought but stupid thing got mouldy under the slide which doesnt have a big enough gap to clean so she only got to play in it a few times sad lesson learned with that, and she got a trike, a 4 wheeler quad thing, and lots of small toys (upsy daisy chase bed, wiggles car, dolls, etc) i will admit i spend way too much money on her and she is spoilt rotten but i dont care if i can do it then why not!!! In saying that though she is a sweetheart, rarely naughty and she doesnt get everything she wants so isnt spoilt in that way, i just dont want her to miss out on anything.

DD is a baby still and is getting a stuffed bunny smile

May i ask why on earth a pp got 2 negs??? she said nothing offensive so why be petty and pathetic... i honesly thought people were more mature than that and that the novelty would of wore off by now... get a life people... bet noone owns up to it either!!

Lol i dont care who negs me anymore lol i used to get quite upset esp when there was no reason for it but now i couldnt care less!! if people want to neg me for spoiling my daughter then so be it lol tongue
My girls aregetting a coffe mug each with an egg in it (a tinkerbell and a barbie one) a humpty dumpty each than I just have a bag of solid ones and a tray of hollow ones for hunting, though DH and I end up eating mst of them! And I brought a ceramic bunny holding an egg to put on DS' grave
It has never crossed my mind to buy presents for easter that aren't chocolate. I can understand for the little ones who are too young for chocolate and I guess PJ's make sense but other stuff? I would have never thought to do that if I hadn't seen this. Seems like it's pretty common.

Miss E will be getting nothing, she's too little for chocolate, already has PJ's and like I said other presents didn't even cross my mind. Guess we aren't really into it.
very common in my friendship circle, i have friends getting trampolines, DS's, ps3... compared to them DD is getting nothing!!!

Suz - hun big hugs, you did the right thing... and to your snotty nose family well what was the alternative? did they offer to have him?? no you did an amazing job... be strong and get yourself better... who know's what the future holds...

Thanks Duffy.
No they never offered to help or anything, they were always to busy.
BUT now he is gone they are having meeting with DHS to have weekend access visits with him as they miss him so much apparently.

how old are your kids and how much do you buy them? I haven't bought anything yet....ooops!!! Last minute dash on saturday i think smile

Our kids are 12.5, 5.5, 3 and 17 months old, they are getting a MASSIVE amount of choc eggs of various sizes and flavours (oh and some candy ones), which the easter bunny will hide all over the house and yard for them to find.

From us they are getting a pressie too, DS is getting a little motorised ride on motorbike, DD's 2 &3 are getting charm bracelets and DD1 is getting a couple of movie DVDs that I know she loves and wants.

I love Easter(esp. Cadbury Creme Eggs), bring it on!!!!
my DD is 20 months- we got her one freddo chocolate egg which came with 2 freddos, another little rabbit chocolate, a sesame st dvd, and a little box of coloured chalk (her new fave hobby is drawing on concrete).She wont eat all that chocolate obviously. maybe a little at a time (and what mum and dad don't secretly pinch throughout the day grin )we actually got her another toy but thought it was too much, so put it up for her birthday.

ds is 4 months old- we got him a massive egg in the shape of a football (not for him to eat- but i thought it would make a good pic, a little baby and a mammoth egg), and a little book.

I've noticed a shift from buying huge amounts of chocolate, to a little bit of choccy and a few gifts. I don't think parents are keen on filling them up on rubbish- but still want to make Easter a special day for them.

When my children are a little bit older I will tell them the history of Easter -but for now, it's about the Easter bunny and family.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter holiday.
ok so the boys are 15, 12, 11, 3 and 5 months

the 4 older boys will get a large red tulip rabbit each and then a bunch of egg sized eggs and I just bought a large bag of cadbury solids to share amongst them (I may yet need to be buying another of those as they keep dwindling...)

Levi will get either a wii game or a novelty set with the cup bowl and plate and the older will get either a shirt or a iTunes card

Drew will be kept out of the reach of chocolate and be getting a my first Easter bunny with 2010 embossed on the bottom of the paw

Leigha''s little men smile

well, i started a new thread cos i hadnt seen this one!

and now reading this, has reminded me of the humpty dumpty eggs hidden on top of my towel cupboard smile

so add a humpty dumpty in the mix too! and a 20 pack of hunting eggs! that means we r gonna have 50 hunting eggs for the 2 kids!

luckily DH will help them eat it, and it will last a long long time smile

back to making some easter eggs for the rest of the fam!

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