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What/how much do you buy your kids Lock Rss

DS will just get a medium size Cadbury white chocolate bunny. I only have to buy for my 2 nephews and 1 niece so, im pretty lucky. The other kids, i just brought them a freddo pack, with a medium egg and 2 choccies in it for $5!! Bargain!

The kids get soooooooooo much chocolate, so we dont go overboard for DS. He is only 2
we have got 10 of those cadbury hollow eggs (the regular egg sized ones) that we are doing for the easter egg hunt. we will let him look for them, but i don't think he will eat them all, maybe we will let him have 3 max. only because i am sure his grandparents and other family will be spoiling him and we will have to divvy that up too. when he is older he will be allowed a bit more, but not at the moment!

probably nothing.
my kids have had little eggs all week from various sources.
they have a couple of bunnies and some cream eggs from my Mum and they will probably get some more from their other grandparents.

i think that's more than enough smile
ds is 2.5 years and he is getting one big rabbit and a few little eggs.
dd is 10 months and is getting a stuffed rabbit.
DD is 3 and DS is 19mth
They got a pair of PJ each, a rabbit each and a gift pack each with a clock and 1 easter egg.
I also got a big bag of soild eggs for an easter egg hunt but DP and I will eat most of those all up I spent around $80

how old are your kids and how much do you buy them? I haven't bought anything yet....ooops!!! Last minute dash on saturday i think smile

Mine are 3 years and 21 months old. I have made up some little bags for all the kids in the family, and my boys are getting the same as my nieces and nephew. I found these cute little plastic egg-shaped bunnies at Spotlight, and have filled them with little chocolate and caramel-filled eggs (they hold 11). Then I just added one small hollow egg and a small Kinder bunny, wrapped it all up in cellophane and tied it up with ribbon. It cost about $5 or $6 per child all up.

We did get a couple of extra things for our boys as well, a Veggie Tales DVD (that's a Christian kids' program) and some ceramic animal egg cups. Both things are for them to share.

I don't like to go overboard with Easter, but did actually spend more on my kids this year than last... I bought the DVD a while ago and have kept it for Easter, and well the egg cups were something extra that I happened to find on special and I couldn't resist roll eyes

What does everyone do for Easter? Do you have family gatherings or anything?

We will be going to church on Good Friday, followed by hot cross buns with my in-laws, and on Sunday we will be going to church again and then a family thing with my parents and extended family. We usually do see family on Easter Sunday, but it's not always a big gathering; this year it will be, because my brother is leaving next week to join the Navy. So it will be Easter/goodbye brother sad

ok, i hope no one takes this the wrong way, cause i'm just curious but i have a question!

I don't understand the connection between eater and chocolate/easter bunny?
What does easter mean to the average aussie person?

The reason i ask is because i am greek orthodox and easter has a lot of tradition and meaning behind it. I get that the whole chocolate eagg thing was taken from other cultures but i don't know how the whole chocolate giving thing started or how the eater bunny came about?

Anyone care to explain?

this is my Non PC understanding. Giving eggs is actually a pagan tradition, the Christians being clever little scammers aligned Easter with the pagan spring festival celebrating new life as a way to get people to celebrate Easter, they did the same with Christmas. A lot of the pagan traditions have been picked up and that is what a lot people do to celebrate. Chocolate eggs V's death of christ... you can see which one is more appealing. BTW no offense intended I'm catholic smile

DD1 is 4 and she has a small enamel easter bucket that she'll use to collect her eggs and bunnies on an easter hunt. I dont know exactly how many eggs but there's one medium bunny and one small kinder surprise bunny, maybe six of those real egg sized cadbury ones (that come in an egg carton) and lots of little ones... cause when you have a hunt you need a few I reckon to make it fun. There's no way she'll eat it all at once, it will probably last her a couple of weeks at least.

DD2 is 15 months and she'll get a few little ones... only cause she's onto what chocolate is already so wont be standing by while her sister has all the fun wink
oh well - i'll go with the pagan stuff then cos we don't do the real easter thing that's for sure! altho obviously we live in the wrong hemisphere.

and my kids would happily eat ALL their eggs in one sitting. my 2 yp just had 6 little eggs from daycare and was asking for more!
DS is almost 4, he is getting a pair of pjs, a ben 10 set and a choc egg that came with it, not a fan of him having too much choc, family will give him heaps but dh and I will share it with him smile
DD1 (3 years) is getting a Cadbury train which has 6 of the normal sized eggs in it. We are doing a big hunt at my parent's place with my siblings and their partners so i'm sure she'll get lots of chocolate then. I may buy her a pressie and a toy bunny or something for DD2 on Saturday though as my sister and her DP are visiting and want to spend the weekend shopping.
Both of our DD's are getting the same, they are 2 and 5.

1 rabbit, 1 medium egg and lots of little eggs - all cadbury of course grin

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