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Has anyone ever ended a pregnancy for the right reasons?

Its such a difficult decision and one I never ever intended to be in. I was using contraception and well its beaten the odds.

My DH is going away for work for a very long period of time shortly and will be away for most of the pregnancy, and only back for a few months before going again for the same period of time.

We are also building a new house and the due date falls exactly when the handover would be. I already have two children with a very close age gap and wanted to wait longer. I have difficult pregnancies with lots of prem labour scares and really need DH around.

Im seriously thinking of ending this one and waiting for the time when we planned. I know its such a judgemental subject and its taking a lot for me to write and even think about it as I was always opposed to it.

what would you do?
Its a simple answer for me, I would keep the baby and cope to the best of my ability.

Me too, I think pregnancies come along to some so easily and others are very unfortunate to not be able to conceive..
I'm sure things would be ok if you really want them to be and you would just learn to cope...if you truly don't want this baby then that is your decision and your husbands only to be made.

only you can answer such a question.

if it were me??? i have no idea as we have our 2 and do not want anymore. DH would want to terminate. Me? I dont know if i could and not regret it for the rest of my life IYKWIM.

good luck in your decision.
i have been through this twice even made the appointment first time but i knew in my heart i could not always ask myself what if. i knew it would haunt me so in the end i went along and i now have 2 beautiful children i wouldnt change for the world. u really need to be 100% u will not regret ur decision . good luck . also if ur very early u can get pills to end the pregnancy rather than go through a abortion . speak to ur gp. Tam

WOW sorry but no.
You and you DH need to do what is best for YOUR family.

Have you got much family support?


Posted by: farmgirl80
Has anyone ever ended a pregnancy for the right reasons

What are the right reasons?

I am pro choice, but that choice is yours and your husbands alone to make.
Me personally I could not terminate under that circumstance, but that is just me.
What dose you DH say?
Have you thought about seeing a counselor or someone to help you reach a decision that is best for you and your family?
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There are only about 2 reasons I would ever condsider termination. My Dh is the same.

I can understand it's going to be hard, but you can get through it. We are lucky in Australia that we get a lot of help where needed. Both in money, health services (I know not perfect). Maybe sit down with your husbane and work out a game plan. You might find you have more going for it than you think.
I personally couldnt have a termination myself, but i dont judge others for having one as you never know all the reasons behind it.

You need to think what is best for you. If you decide a termination is best thats your choice to make.

best thing is to see the doctor & take it from there. Just because you are thinking of having a termination doesnt mean you will actually be able to go through with it.
I wouldn't myself, but that's because I'm one of those women who have trouble falling pregnant, staying pregnant and being pregnant.
Having said that, I can understand your reasoning behind it, and you sound so scared, I just want to give you a hug. To be honest, I think if you HAD the baby, you would find that you would cope because you HAVE to. If you don't have the baby, then you'll never know, but you will be sure you won't have that extra hassle, for lack of a better word. I don't envy your your decision, that's for sure.
I think it would be a good idea to go to your Dr and talk to them about it. I'm fairly certain you have to get some kind of counselling before having a termination, and from the sounds of things it's what you really need (the counselling). Good luck with your decision, I really hope you get the outcome you want in the end. XO

No, I would not have a termination because it wasn't convenient at the time to have a baby. I would keep the baby and deal with it best I could.
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