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Hi ladies

DS (19mnths) has a really sore little bum at the moment.

He is getting his eye teeth and I think its from this that its so red. It looks as though he has been burnt on his bottom its that red.

Any hints on how to help it get better??

I haven't been using any wipes (just using a washer and water), lots of nappy off time, and sudocream

Edited: also giving him oatmeal baths

Any tips would be great!

[Edited on 10/02/2010]
Get some Calmoseptrine from the chemist (either in the wound section or baby section) comes in a white tube with green writing... just apply it really thickly and then each time you change the nappy will have the sting gone in about 1hr n depending how bad it is and how often he's having the pooie nappies should be gone all together in a couple of days... just slather it on each time

Poor little mite... i love PawPaw but it's not for everyone. I was also recommended this cream from another member on here and have found it great.

Hope it gets better x

a tip that I have found useful for teething rash (bum) is put some cornflour in the bottom of the nappy. It will help to pull away the moisture away from the rash so that it doesnt aggrivate it. This in conjunction with pawpaw ointment has worked for me...
Well I swear by Amolin cream.. smells really good and works even better smile

I swear by cocitol cream. Apply thickly like zinc at every nappy change. DD had this problem last week and even became afraid of nappy changes as it hurt her so much. As soon as i started applying covitol it improved 100% overnight.
I had a lot of trouble with ds bum when he was 1 month, I was using sudocrem to clear it up..... and putting loads on cause I thought that more would help but it actually makes it worse (i felt so terrible poor little guy, he's bum was red raw and here i was making it worse). I was also told that when applying sudocrem only use a small amount and rub in in so it sort of goes clear. the lavender oil in sudocrem stings the bum and irritates it more. I used warm water and a flannel and then used bepanthem cream. WORKS WONDERS, it also puts a layer on as a pp mentioned corn flour (which we use now as well) so that anything coming through doesn't actually irritate the skin anymore because it makes a film over skin. I also swithched to hyper allergenic wipes when ds is teething as they don't sting the skin and i dont have to use flannels (inconvenient for me).

I hope bum clears up soon!! smile

I don't think you can beat nappy mate paste or daktozin.

Another home remedy I have used which worked was baths with vinegar and bi-carb soda. You need to run the bath, add vinegar, let it settle and then add bi-carb - if you add the bi-carb straight away it will bubble. From memory it is half a cup of vinegar and 2 tbs of bi-carb.
Thanks ladies for the tips!

Its a bit better this morning but willing to give anything a try to help him out

don't use commercial wipes( sorry huggies) but clean with warm water and a piece of ( clean) chux, then pat dry with a towel/washer.Apply cornflour or curash powder or use prefered cream or both.Some creams that worked with my kids- hydrozole, desitin, canestan(if fungul rash) desitin is good but so stinky and thick but helps clear it quickly

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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