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Hi, I'm a first time Mum with a 4 month old daughter. I'm married, 26 and currently on maternity leave. I am interested in talking with other first time Mums. I would also like to get some advice from others about returning to work and child care. Any advice...?
Hi Kj,
My name's Louise, I'm a first time mum to a 81/2 month daughter and would love to hear from you.
I'm 29, married, live in Brisbane and have just decided not to go back to work.
If your interested, my email is [email protected]

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

I too am a first time mum with a (now) 12 1/2 mth old daughter. I am also a single mum.
I went back to work in november due to financial necessity.
I work 2 days/wk for 5hrs each day. I feel this is just enough work to keep me sane and also $$ wise.
My mum looks after my daughter which is working out quite well at the moment.

I live in Newcastle (NSW) and had put my name down at 5 child care centres when I was about 5mths pregnant -- i am still on their waiting lists.
I would like my daughter to go to a child care centre for at least 1 day/wk for the social interraction with other children. However, having said that, there is also the risk of her health suffering by exposure to all sorts of germs/bugs etc.
My email address is [email protected]
I'd love to hear from you


leviniaa, NSW 4.5yr old daughter

hi, i'm jacque, i live in nathalia in vic. i would love some new mums to chat to. i have a daughter 'Teashia' who is 3 1/2 months old. i am 24 and married just last november. i'm in to being a mum and sport, particularly footy. i just went for a job interview the other day in a factory setting, lucky for me, my sister will look after Teashia for me. Please anyone feel free to contact me [email protected]

Baby Teashia Born in May

Hi there KJ,

I'm a first time mum of Emma 8 weeks old. I'm married and 23 years old (will be 24 in nov). I'm love to keep in touch, my email is [email protected]


Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

Hi, I'm also a first time mum and my son is 9months old. I'm 21 and am getting married next year. I work full-time and have only just started sending my son to daycare.

I returned to work when Ben was three weeks old (only having a total of three & a half weeks off). He has been coming to work with me but when he started getting around I decided to put him into daycare. It did take well over two months to get a position. Ben is in family day care which means he is in someone elses home and with a maximum of three other kids. This is great type of daycare is great in a small town like where we are.

Rebecca, Qld - Bens 1 on Saturday!

HI ladies,
Im a first time mum to Joshua 25/03/03
We live in Perth .
Look forward to chatting to eveyone

Dp: Danny: 30/10/82, Ds: Joshua: 25/03/03

hi everyone
i'm a first time mumto a beautiful 5 month old boy. I'm 23yrs old and I live in brisbane with my partner.At the moment I'm a stay at home mum but am thinking about going back to work when bub is 12 months .hope to talk to you all soon

kia, bris

Hi there,

I'm a first time mum and have a son 4 months old.
Hi everyone,
I've just moved to Brisbane from the UK and am looking to meet up with other 1st time Mums. I have a 14 month year old boy and would love to make some new friends. Hope to hear from you. [email protected] Thanks, Fiona.

Fiona, QLD, Mum to Henry 14 months

Hi Kj, I too am a first time mum who happens to work in childcare. My daughter is currently 10mths old so I'm back at work only as a relief staff. The problem with childcare these days is that every mothr and child wants to get in and places are very limited. we are finding at my centre our biggest problem to be mothers with their children in for respite (basically means centrelink pays for the kids) have these kids in full-time while they sit around at home doing nothing. Meaning the parents who actually need care generally can't get it. But my biggest piece of advice is, make sure you meet, AND LIKE the carers. As a worker I've seen plently of workers who I wouldn't let near my kid with a ten foot pole. But on the otherhand, there are also some wonderful people out thee. Hope I've helped a bit. Any more q's you want answered about childcare please let me know! [email protected]

Melody, SA 10mth girl

Hi KJ,

I'm a first time mum with a nearly 8month old son. I'm married, 31 & am back at work fulltime (returned in October)
Corey is booked into daycare 2 days a week (hopefully by January he will be there 3 days) & my mum & dad look after his the other 3 days.
Returning back to work was hard at first as I didn't really want to leave him, but now it is much better. And he has settled really well in daycare.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

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