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Baby Shower Ideas!! Lock Rss

Hi all,

I'm doing my sister's baby shower in two weeks time and naughty me I haven't really done much preparation yet!

So has anyone been to any good baby showers and want to tell me what made it great?

Played any good games that are a bit different from the norm?

She doesn't know the sex so we are doing a bright pink and lime green theme and it's for morning tea.

Thanks for letting me pick your brains! grin

I went to my friends one a few months ago and i really enjoyed it.

She did yummy food. Choc strawberry, huge cheese board, melons, grapes yummy fruits like that, choc eclairs etc,

Also for games there was:

Guess the belly size with string
Guess the food flavor (baby food, was gross but funny)
the baby stuff memory game.

Thats all i can really think of right now smile
I like games that you 'play' even though you are not 'playing' them iykwim! for example the good old Peg Game (no one says baby otherwise you get your peg stolen)

Another one - Whose Water Breaks First
you need - Medium size plastic babies, Clear disposable cups that will fit the plastic babies. Prior to the day of the baby shower, fill each of the cups with water enough to cover the plastic baby toys at least halfway (since they may float). Place the cups in the freezer until frozen stiff (you need to prep the night before). The day of the baby shower party, give a cup to all the women who attend the shower as they arrive. Whoever can melt the water the quickest or their water breaks gets the prize.

An alternative to this is to get one small doll - tie a string around it's belly - then freeze it in water, and hang it up somewhere when the shower is set up - When they arrive have guests guess the "time of birth". Do a test run first to make sure it isnt going to take too long to defrost!

Name Tag game: similar to peg game. But everyone gets given a stick on name tag with something funny and or baby related as their 'name' - you have to use that name while talking to them - or else lose your peg (or some say it's a coin donation in the piggy bank to go to the new baby, 5cents even)

Guess the number of Safety pins (or something similar) - fill jar with pins, have people guess, whoever is closest gets a prize (dont forget to count them before the shower!)

Cotton Wool scoop - get a big bowl fill with cotton balls - blindfold the participant. They have to scoop as many cotton balls out in a short period of time - it's fun because you cant feel the weight of the balls.

And I find that as much as people protest "oh no - I dont like playing games" everyone seems to really get into it regardless.

Posted by: Syrae
An alternative to this is to get one small doll - tie a string around it's belly - then freeze it in water, and hang it up somewhere when the shower is set up - When they arrive have guests guess the "time of birth". Do a test run first to make sure it isnt going to take too long to defrost!

LOVE this! We are having it at a park so this should work a treat! Thanks:)
I've come across plenty of good websites with games however a few tried and tested ones I've used are:

Baby Socks Matching Game Baby Shower Game
In the center of the room, place a pile of (separated) 10-15 pairs of baby socks (solids, patterned, and different sizes). Each guest gets 10 seconds to match them. The guest with most pairs of matching socks wins a prize. (* the more patterned socks, the harder).

Baby Songs Baby Shower Game
Set a timer for 3 minutes. In that time have your guests, (individually or in teams) write down as many songs that have the word baby in the title. The person/team who has the most wins.

Bubble Gum Babies Baby Shower Game
Pass out a piece of pink, wrapped bubble gum to eat guest. After each guest has chewed their piece, set the timer for 1 minute and see who can form the best bubble gum baby with their gum.

Diaper Sniffing Baby Shower Game
You will need 10 or so diapers for this one. In each diaper put drops of different scents (vanilla extract, baby lotion, chocolate, root beer, etc). Give each guest a pen and paper and pass the little diapers around and have each guest sniff them and write down each scent. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

(Another variation on this one is using different melted chocolate in the nappy and they have to guess which what is - ie. Cherry Ripe, Old Gold etc.) Gross but it keep getting requested???

Baby Shower Game Pin the Pacifier on the Baby
Have up to six guests try to pin a pacifier on the mouth of a large picture of a baby.
(Just like pin the tail on the donkey)

Guess the number of lollies in a bottle. Hand each guest a small bit of paper and pen. Pass the lolly filled bottle around and each guest writes their guess on the paper. Collect the papers and the closest correct answer wins the bottle.

Hope this helps. I've doing my sister's shower in two weeks as well so you've reminded me to get cracking grin

I found this site SOOOOO helpful!

It has so many different types of games! have a read through you'll probably have a good laugh.

I also made these booties and put a haighs (sa choc) choc mint frog in each one.... ppl loved them! you could use pink and green ribbon and paper if you wast the directions just let me know (i will have them in my email somewhere)

[Image Removed]

Good luck, how much fun I remember planning my twin sisters baby shower... gosh it was nearly 4 years ago now lol! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

ETA: The booties are really easy to make i should add, they are made out of a styrofoam cup and ribbon (plus a little clear nail polish)

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haven't read thru the other posts so sorry if i am repeating....

one game i thought was quite fun and funny - get some disposable nappies and put food items that are brown/mustardy in colour and everyone has to guess what is in the nappy. it gave everyone a good laugh.

I went to my friend's baby shower on the weekend. We played:-

name the baby food

put the nappy on the baby (doll) using one hand & see who can do it the fastest! (really fun)

baby items in brown paper bags & you have to guess what's in them

then we had a game where you had 5 columns - boys name, girls name, kids tv show/movie, character & baby brand name. The host said a letter...say "A" and you had to list off 1 thing for each column starting with the letter A, and it was timed so you only had say 30 seconds to answer. It was harder than you think but a great game!

Hope you have a great baby shower!!!

I have a few that are similar to above...

* Frozen Babies
From a cheap shop like Golo buy plastic shot glasses and then buy jellybabies. Freeze the jellybabies in the shot glasses.
Get guests to use their "body" to defrost the baby. Who-evers baby is "born" first wins.
- Funny when you see large breasted women with shot glasses between their boobs trying to defrost it.

* Guess the M&Ms/Jellybeans/etc
Buy some cheap but cute bottles (big W has some cute cheap ones) count as you fill them up and then put out a sheet with one side for names and the other for guesses.
- I usually do 3 bottles - one with M&Ms, one with jellybeans and one with either malteasers or something.
- These can also make nice "prizes" if you tie a pretty ribbon or something on them.

* Poo in Nappies
Buy a few different chocolate bars - make sure they are quite different (eg Cherry ripe, crunchie, areo)
Heat the chocolate in the microwave and then scoop into the different nappies.
Have the guests smell (or taste if they are game) to guess what the chocolates are.
- Can be funny photo's with people sticking their noses into nappies. LOL.

* Blindfolded Game
This is silly. Get a bowl of cotton balls and have an empty bowl next to it. Blind fold the guest and then they have 30 seconds to scoop the balls into the empty bowl.
Its harder than it sounds as you can't feel if you have any balls on the spoon. LoL.

*Pick Up Pegs
Get two guests and a large amount of pegs. Give them 30 seconds or a minute to see who can pick up the most pegs with ONE hand. I liked this one. It was fun.

I should start by saying I think baby-shower games are odd. A group of adults playing games?? Anyway, that aside the best ones that I've been to have just been a close group of women that are special to the mum to be. Activity-wise perhaps get a large blank canvas and a permanent marker for all the women to write thier well wishes, birth-y poetry, positive thoughts for the mum. It would be something she can look at during her labour and focus on all those lovely thoughts meant just for her. Also make present opening part of the days activities rather than opening them when everyone has left, it's nice to thank each person for thier gift than to worry about thankyou cards later - as if she'd be thinking about that anyway with a baby on the way smile
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Thanks for the ideas girls! There's going to be about 25 peeps so I'm trying to think of games that aren't about everybody having a turn as it might take too long. I think games are good at baby showers because often the guests come from different relationships to the mother to be and most don't know many others. She'll have some from work, some friends, some of the dad's friends and rellies from both sides. Breaks the ice a bit.
I've seen the cotton ball game done and it is hilarious!
Might get a book or something that people can write in, good idea, maybe give their best piece of advice or something.
[Edited on 11/01/2010]
forgot to mention that my friend also had beautiful scrapbooking paper on the table and asked everyone to write down a few tips, hints or just words of encouragement.

She plans to put it all together in her baby book as a rememberance of her baby shower and of everyone that came.

I thought it was a lovely idea!
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