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I've been battling to get DH out the door as we have shopping to do today. He informs me that it will take a maximum of 1 1/2 hours to buy him new jeans, shirts and work pants (he's lost weight), groceries for the week, fruit and veg from the fruit market, plus his parents xmas present (which he said he'd buy this year). All this while dragging 17 month old DD around with us!! And its at least a 20 minute drive to get to where he wants to buy his clothes from!

This is going to be a fun expedition.
well it took us 2 hours just to do the grocery shopping yesterday. i dont think it's gonna happen lol
Ha,ha,ha! that is a joke! I don't think i could even get that done WITHOUT dh and ds in tow! GOOD LUCK smile

haha, good luck to him, that list sounds like it would take 1 1/2 days not hours.
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