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What will yours be??

[Edited on 19/12/2009]
Posted by: 81TCH
Mines to get skinny (yes shallow I know)!!!

ditto - it's not normally a new years res for me. But after 2 pregnancies and a total of 2 years BFing - I'm reclaiming my body!
[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Syrae [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] 81TCH [Edited on 19/12/2009]
This years resolution is to put myself first. I have for many years put my wants and needs last. But as of 2010 I am going to be a little selfish. Instead of putting off haircuts for 18mths I will be having one every 6-8wks, I will not bite my tounge with family, Ive had enough of being the peace keeper ignoring things so not to rock the boat.

Cheers Ness

I haven't really thought too seriously about it yet, but I think maybe it will be something along the lines of not letting good friendships go to shiit, and keeping family and friends right up there in the important priorities.
havent really thought bout it, but top of the list would be no more babies, after this one.
also to spend more time with the kids and DF

To get married! Haha.. I haven't really thought about it! I'm planning on joining the gym after the new year so maybe my resolution can be to not get bored quickly and actually lose a few kilos and tone up!


* to lose 40-50kg(yeah i know, i'm dreaming) lol.

* to graduate from School of Nursing next December

* to make it to my DH's best friend's wedding in march that is in tassie(i'm in qld).

* and to become a happier, healther person.

i suppose my main one is to hit my pre pregnancy weight.

i have alot of little ones though....
Im another one for loosing the weight.

I just joined the gym. I want to start a whole new healthy fun life. No more sitting at home on the computer all day feeling sorry for myself eating chocolate
To get to my pre pregnancy weight (before DD1) of 57kgs so about 10kgs need to go.

To stop swearing. There will be a swear jar. $1 for every swear word spoken. When the jar is full the money goes towards spoiling the girls.

Getting a haircut more often then DH! LMAO!

Find a hobby. Something fun. Away from the house. It will be non negotiable. If DH wants to do something then that's tough titties. He can take the girls. The same way I have to every saturday (and some sundays) when he goes (regardless of anything) to chase a freakin ball around the playground with his boyfriends. AKA Cricket.

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