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2009 was a good year for me because: Lock Rss

* my fat, squishy, beautiful DS2 was born,

* my MrMM got a FABBO new job,

* my DS1 has grown and changed so much this year

* my dogs are still with us!

* so much has happened - this has been a good year! Im feeling the love!!

So..... continue on this thread!!!

"2009 was a good year for me because:"

my 2009 was a great year as it wasn't 2008
but mainly cos my lovely friend who lost one last year had a lovely wonderful daughter this year

oh and yeah i met ricki

2009 was great for me because-

* March i turned 30

* March i married my best friend

* March My new DH turned 30

* May my beautiful DS was born

* My DD finally learnt how to walk lol

ohhh so much more but i cant think lol

Love to hear everyone else's responses


Ooooh I like this!

2009 was a good year for me because....

1. My DD turned 1
2. I got to see my beautiful sis and youngest niece who visited from OS
3. I lost 14kg and have kept it off
4. Made some great new friends
5. Broke my "drought" LOL
6. I started studying and getting out of my comfort zone
7. I made time for me!!!
*I lost all of my baby weight and am now looking better and feeling fitter than i have in years
*My husband started his own plumbing business and it hasn't folded within the first 12 months, in fact it's growing
*My DS2 is growing into a beautiful, smart little toddler and DS1 into a caring, sensitive young man
*Dh and I are still in love after 10 years together....
Yes - I have alot to be thankful for as well

2009 was a good year because we had dd. ds turned 2. umm, kinda strugglin' lol

hopefully i will have a bigger list this time next year.
I am also thankful as I have learned who my true friends are, some of my closest GF's are actually Huggies mums (Sydney AND other states!!!) and I am finally comfy(ish) in my own skin!


2009 was a good year for me because

I finally left a marriage i didn't want to be in.

I found myself and my inner confidence to be my own person.
2009 was a good year for me beacuse..

My beautiful daughter was born. She is the light of my life and I cant imagine my life without her smiles, cuddles and kisses, mwahhhhh!

This year was good because dd2 stuck and was born very healthy.
Because dd1 and dh seem to love even though i'm a hopeless bitch.
Im thankful that after 18mths of me telling the Dr Miss A has developmental delays, They are now realising I knew what I was talking about.
Im thankful I got to meet some very special Huggies mums, Manda, Lucy(she has amazing tits)hehe and Kate....amazing women
Im thankful my eldest has made it through primary school unscathed with very pleaseing results
I am very very thankful that my best friends son has bravely fought his cancer, endured a huge operation and is waiting on test results (get them monday) to get the all clear WOOHOO Go Tyson!!
I am very thankful for the amazing friends I have made on huggies and all the love and support they have given me in the last 12mths. Really appreciated guys xoxoxoxox

Cheers Ness
[Edited on 18/12/2009]

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