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Please help I need ideas for a dessert for party on Christmas eve. Has to be something a little special. And it does not matter how hard it is.

So please give me some ideas
i have a really really yummy and easy dessert of pastries they look hard but they arnt lol. will prb b one of the easiest things u have made i am always making them every1 loves them . if u want the recipe pm me as i dont share it with every1 lol.
a couple of good ones that are always a hit are caramel swil cheescake.
mousse in white choc cups
chocolate log
white christmas profiterol *(excuse spelling) tower with tofee

Try a rocky road christmas tree maybe?

Google till you find a recipe that you like (eg one with lollies!!!)

Here's one I found when I googled and it's on the huggies website.

My mum made one a few christmases ago and we all loved it!

Rocky Road Christmas Tree

I am making lemon meringue pie for christmas yummo
How about mars bar cheesecake but it dose have over 60grams of fat per serve lol but it soooooooooooooo good. I have the recipe if you like.

cheesecake is out as most of the people there don't like it. Done a profiterole tower last function.
individual caamal tarts.....havent made them myself but seen it done with sweet pastry tarts filled with caramel and topped with whit or milk chocolate

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if u have platters u can do a mix of mini pasteries the caramel tarts as above are easy, u cna do mini vanilla passionfruit slice, fruit tarts, vanilla cream pastery, choc mousse cups, choc tarts. theres so many u can make they always look classy adn clever and then theres a variety

Chocolate Toffee Balls .... mmmmm!

250gm tub of spreadable cream cheese (room temp)
2 packets of chocoate caramel crowns or similar

crush the biscuits till resemble med coarse breadcrumbs.
Mix in the cream cheese.
Roll into balls of whatever size you choose, place on tray lined with baking paper.
Refridgerate till firm - or pop in freezer if short of time.
Melt chocolate buttons (I use a whole pack of the cooking choc buttons ) - can be milk, dark or white or mix - as you please!

Dip the balls into chocolate and place back onto baking tray and let choc set. (use a fork if you don't have a special chocolate dipping tool)
If you are looking to make them look even fancier dip in melted milk or dark choc then drizzle a little white over to make squggly lines.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm these are yummo and a wee bit rich, but oh so so nice LOL Enjoy if you decide to make them. smile

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I have just made a black forest cake! It is the easiest desser i have made!!! NO BAKING REQUIRED!!! PM me if you want i'll send you a pic and recipe.
(ingredients sponge fingers, cream, melted chocolate, morello cherries and fresh cherries)

i would just do a chocolate mousse, cream and strawberries. my bestie served this up to me and dh awhile back and we were blown away by how good it was. love mousse...
OK so heres a pic and recipe ( i couldn't work out how to do pic in pm)
2x pk sponge fingers (or if you shop at woolworths they wil be called i savoiardi (lady fingers)
1x 600 ml thickened cream (i didnt use this much)
2x 250 grm good dark cooking choc
1x jar (380 gm) morello cherries (drain but keep the juice)
you can also add butterscotch or sherry if you like (put this in when you fold melted choc through)
fresh cherries for the topping and flake (optional flake)

OK so you make this on the actual platter you will be serving it from. first beat the cream until it is whipped ( peaks form ).melt ONE block chocolate on low heat (not boiling and dont let the bowl touch the water) and once it is melted through fold a bit at a time through the whipped cream, (i let choc cool just a little first) then fold the cherries that you have drained into the mixture.

With the lady fingers dip the bottom (not sugary side) into the cherrie juice and lay flat on platter ( side by side until it is to your size liking i usually do 6 in a row). Then you top with a layer of the cream mixture. Then continue with next layer of lady fingers on top of that. i usually do 3 layers and top it off with some more mixture.

To make shards of choc (for the outside) you melt the other block of choc and spread onto either baking paper or glad wrap until it goes hard, then break pieces off to your likeing, use a little of the cream mixture to hold them on.

Top with flake and cherries and into the fridge (i sometimes just pack the top of cake with lots and lots of fresh cherries only and it give WOW factor). i leave it for a couple of hours and then when you are ready to serve dust with icing sugar!

I have made this 3 days in advance as i have a little on and well you never know when you will get time, its still fresh and delicious!!!
Good luck i hope this helps! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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Banoffee cream pie....Oh so good!
You can cheat and get a pastry case or do a biscuit base like a cheesecake, top with caramel either Top'N'Fill or cook a tin of sweetened condensed milk. layer over slices of banana, cover with a thick layer of whipped cream and shave chocolate (or crumble flake) over the top.

You can do individual ones in a silicon muffin tray do the base and caramel then freeze till firm and pop them out before adding the cream and chocolate

Cheers Ness

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