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Has anyone seen them anywhere? Apparently Shrek must be for boys, as I can't find girls stuff anywhere!


Soryy I can't be spacifically of help - I have boys LOL, but what i used to do when couldn't find the stuff I was looking for was to buy plain clothes then get iron on transfers - from ebay or trademe(from nz). You can buy them for dark or light coloured clothes and so easy to stick down. I even did pillowcases for the boys.
This option is far cheaper for stuff that they grow out of so quick anyway.
Have you done a google search to see if anyone stocks the items you are looking for??
Anyway, hope this has helped and good luck smile

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Sorry this may not help you at all, but I was at Movie World last weekend and they had a whole shop with Shrek products with half being for girls including clothes.
I just hope some where else also sells them for you.

I am going back in December so if you do want me to grab you anything just let me know.

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