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Just wanting to know if anyone else's DS have had this?

DS left testical still has no decended and we are getting closer to the time where he will need surgery! We see a paed every 4 months to check on it and the last time we had seen him said come back in another 4 months and will decide if he needs it or not (that was 4 weeks ago)

He is going on 22months. Just wanting to know if it descended on its own this late? Every nappy change we help bring it down hoping it will make its way down but its still sitting pretty high.

If your little one had surgery what did it involve? Were they in any pain after? Do they have any problems now?

Any information would be great

Hi there,

My eldest nephew had this when he was 2 and went into surgery to fix it. He went into hospital at 6am and was home by 4pm.
All they did was put a tiny little slit in his hip and then they obviously pushed the testicle down, and he is now turning 8 and has never had any other issues. CHances are, unfortunately, it will not go down on its own sad
He was in a little bit of pain, but nothing panadol or nurofen wouldnt fix.

Great thank you for your reply. Sounds like an easy procedure! Poor kid im proding at his testical to try and get it to come down so he doesnt have to have surgery lol.

The last thing you want is your little one getting something like this done!

Hi there,
My DS1 had an undescended teste at birth. His was never felt sitting high - just completely not there.
I found this a huge stress to me actually, it was something I had never heard of and how did it happen to MY son?? At every plunket check they said to leave it till the next checkup, but at 6 months I figured it had been a while of just listening to the plunket nurse and midwife, so went to see my GP about it.
He referred DS off to a specialist and we saw them quite quickly smile
The probelm with them not knowing where it was, was that if it was sitting in his stomach cavity and left that way, there is a higher chance that it could turn to a cancer related problem - but much later in life - and I hope this doesn't scare you.
We went ahead with an exploratory surgery. They explained everything in detail - which way the surgery could turn - no teste and just tie off the existing tube or find it hidden away somewhere and pull it down and stitch it to the scrotum and never have probs again.
For my son, it turned the path of the teste had been twisted prior to birth and as it had been left so long it was unable to be a "save" operation and just a clean up of tubes etc. It was explained that after he has hit puberty he can get surgery to fit a prostetic teste, but I think that will be his choice when older.
Sorry for the novel, but if you want any further info feel free to PM me, but I think I have it mostly covered - for our story any way lol

Be persistent with the specialist/GP/hospital and make sure you get it seen to and fixed as soon as you can. I was about to ring hospital and postpone his surgey as I was a month off having DS2 when they rang with an appointment for a couple of weeks, it was a great relief to know that for then, it was over and done with. He was 18 months when he had the surgery by the way
Julie x

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Please see your GP to get a referal to a proper sepcialist!

My DS has an undescended left testicle and at birth and 6 week check up paed told us to wait until 12 months. Every few months I asked the health nurses at the clinic and asked GP and they all said wait until 12 months.

So at 12 months I finally got a referal and waiting a couple of weeks to get into specialist and she said he needed surgery and didnt like the fact that we had been told to wait.

As a result one of his testicles has grown and the undescended one has stopped growing meaning now one is bigger then the other. It should be fine in the long run though! She explained that in some cases it will naturally descend on it's own but in other cases surgery is the only option and she could tell by how DS testicle was sitting that it had nowhere to go and needed surgery.

So we are on the waiting list now. They have said 3 months and I'm freaking out as he will only be around 17 or 18 months then.

Hope this helps smile

Holy $hit ladies you have scared me lol. I think i will listen to my gut and do what you have all said and get a referal to see a specialist!

Can someone tell me what the speacilist is called? His testical sits right up in his hip. I was reading more info last night and im scared that we have left it too late and he might have some problems. We have had a few scares that he might have had contortion (sp?) of the testi as well.

Im happy i posted this or i would have left it for next year.

Thanks again

I think the specialist was a paediatric surgeon and my DS is booked in to have a left orchidopexy..may be different to what your DS needs but you definately need to check it out asap! Talk to GP about concerns and demand to speak to someone..then deal directly with them.
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