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I need some ideas of what to do with my DS's sleeping habits. He's 3. Up until a few months ago he was a great sleeper, would go to bed at 7pm, up at 7am without waking in the night. Then a few months ago he started waking during the night crying. There's nothing obviously wrong, he doesn't want anything, just cries then once we settle him down he'll go back to sleep. Since our baby was born it's increased to 2-4 times a night. My DH gets up to him (he got the raw end of the deal, he gets up to DS1, I get up to DS2) and he gets sooo frustrated that he doesn't know why he wakes up. I hear him asking why he's awake, what's wrong etc which is stupid because he's 3. Of course he doesn't know 'why' he's awake, he just is!

I know it's probably him just adjusting to the new baby and possibly his imagination working over time (he'll often start talking about things we've done during the day), but we just have no idea how to get him to stop, or even if we can. Is he just going to grow out of it? We also don't want to be doing anything to encourage the habit so any words of wisdom are welcome.

I don't know if I can be much help but...

My DD suffers from Night Terrors occasionally which means she cries in her sleep and is very hard to comfort.

At night time usually at dinner we talk about everything that we have done that day and it helps her process everything that has happened. Her night terrors have decreased since we started doing it.

Maybe you could try something similar?
Hi osmum,

Just letting you know you are not on your own!!!!!!
My DS2 has been absolutely terrible with the waking during the night - admittedly for a lot longer than your DS though! I think more like SINCE BIRTH lol!!

But a while back we started a sticker chart with him. If he stayed in bed asleep all night he got a sticker (of his choosing). If I had to get up to him - no sticker in the morning. And this REALLY worked!
The last thing i said to him every night was - remember to stay in bed all night to get your sticker.

After the nights he didn't stay in bed/asleep he was soooo very dissappointed in the morning when he got no sticker and was a big reminder to him at night to try again tonight.

We just got a piece of card from bookshop and drew on squares big enough for the stickers he chose. Put a heading on the top - something like "kristian's Sleep Chart" and at the end of each row was a space for a "bouns" sticker - which after the first 3 days, then 5 days, and so him a treat - we used McDonalds icecreams - cos they are so cheap lol!!

Hope this is of some help to you!! It will get better over time - just keep on trying smile

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is he toilet trained? is he in nappies at night?
maybe he is weeing in his nappy at night and its begining to wake him up. if he is already out of nappies at night then i have no idea sorry, hope it stops soon though.
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