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pregnant and moving house... Lock Rss

hi everyone!!
i was just wondering if any other mums out there can give me some helpful tips on moving while pregnant. we are moving next week and i will be nearly 35 weeks preg... my movement is limited and ive been finding all the bending over to pack does nothing for heartburn! lol! any tips or hints to make packing and moving easier while preg would be great! thanks guys smile
hi littlebubbles i moved house when i was about 5 months pregnant, and my only advice is TAKE IT EASY!!!!! dont overdo it! when we actually moved, i didnt do much... i dictated where everything was to go. then i did the small things... made the bed, got lunch for everyone, made coffee, plugged appliances in, organised my clothes etc. when it came to unpacking boxes, i just did it over a week or so. i left the unimportant things till last. and when i felt like i needed a break, i took one. if things arent unpacked for a week, who cares? as long as you have a bed to sleep in, it doesnt matter. good luck

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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