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i wish there were more stroller friendly places Lock Rss

i'm about to go out late night shopping tonight with my husband and15.5mth old boy and 5 month old girl. i just want to say how difficult it is to go through the checkout with a 3 wheeler. It's so annoying. I wish they made more places stroller friendly.
i'm sure alot of parents with baby in stroller go grocery shopping.
i know there are a few stroller friendly places around, but i wish they would make more.
it would make life so much more easier for us parents.
I have the same problem. After loading the groceries on the conveyer belt I have to go though the 8 items or less aisle or the disabled aisle to get my pram through then quickly race back to my groceries. I know that the disabled/wide aisled checkout is for big prams too but I will always go to the aisle with less people.
I also love this one accessories shop but because it is small I am unable to go in unless I am by myself or hubby is with me so I can quickly go in and have a gander.
I agree with you. It drives me crazy!!!

Kmart, Franklins, Coles etc they are all as bad as each other.

I avoid going shopping now because it just puts me in a bad mood!!


oops, sorry, my son is actually 17.5 month old, not 15.5. I'm a mother of 2 under 2, i sometimes lose my head. But i think i'm allowed to (sometimes)hehe.
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