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Need some advice re: girls 'private parts' Lock Rss

My DD 2.5 says to me the other day while changing DS 6mnth nappy 'mum he has a doodle like daddy and thomas and i have a bottom'

She knows what a bottom is but i just kind of stared at her stupidly and thought in my head 'im so not ready for this conversation yet!!'

So i steered away from the topic and now am trying to come up with an appropriate name for her non-doodle.

I dont want to make up some silly name, i just dont know what to say!

Does anyone else have any suggestions, i didnt think this would come up so fast, but she does have 2 little brothers so i think i was the slow one...
Whta do you call yours? In our house they are 'fannies'. We've kept it the same as if she's being looked after by anyone, & there is a prob, she can get the message across. DS has a 'willy' like Dad.
Hi Bianca,

I had to survey some friends already with kids to hear what worked for them. Our family uses "pee pee" as a general term, as it can apply to both girls and boys. When questions over why mum & dad were different we could explain with the terms vagina (or "giney") and penis, and that pee pee was a nickname for them both (and less embarrasing/more innocent-sounding to hear them use in public)

Would love to know what you decide to go with. Keep us posted

Deb, 6yr girl, 3yr boy + 9month girl

Great thread Bianca,
A good few laugh's. I have a 6month old with a "doodle" and a 2.5 year old girl who is rather fasinated with her little brothers appendage. It had never occured to me that she was wondering why she didn't have one (despite also nearly drowning trying to find it - I thought she was just being inquisitive!). My 2.5 year old doesn't really talk yet so I hadn't thought about ANY of this.

After reading through the posts I have realised I need to decide how to approach things and perhaps be a bit more forth coming with explenations and "names" rather than go along thinking it's too early to worry about!!

A family friends daughter was staying with her grandparents when she fell over and hurt herself...she hurt her "crease". Even though it's an obscure termanology I'm pretty sure anyone would know what she was talking about!

Hey Biancam,

Me and my partner have 3 kids 2 girls are 6,1 and a boy is 5.

our 6 and 5 year old calls there private parts for a boy a willie and for a girl a miniethey have grown up with thince since they were 1 and 2 years of age
This sure does put a smile on the dial!

DD's is a "tossy" - just one of those weird family names that goes back for generations. DS's is a "willy"... funny bath story though - DD asked what DS's tentacles (yes, that's supposed to be testicles) were used for - I ummed and aaahhhed for a second or two when DD replied:

"I know Mummy - their his air bags"!

It still cracks me up! What must they think of us at school? Tossies and tentacles with air bags!!!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

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