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Hey All,

Just wondering, after reading on another forum, do SAHM get enough/too much centrelink and or child support payments? I couldn't believe that the cut off is about $1150 a fortnight, and after that you get nothing from centrelink. The price of everyday living keeps going up and up, yet our wages don't seem to! I think I had better start saving more $$$$ for when I am a SAHM!
my DH earns more than that and we still get family assistance we do have 3 children,2 under 2 and a 13year old.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

all i have to say is it isnt all that much. especially when they are takin money out for rent coz of the goevernment subsided house (housing commision) i live in. the rent goes up the more i recieve coz at first i was only gettin payments for my son then later i added my cousin onto my payments as he's been living with me for a while but i just wasnt gettin benefits for him.

i'm supposed to be gettin more than when i was on benefits just before my son was born and i was just a single woman and now i'm gettin paid for 2 children in my care but still, its not a whole lot more than what i recieved when i was classed as a jobseeker. then you have other bills to pay for and food and baby needs, your not left with a whole lot afterwards. and thats with my boyfriend helping me out now.

people seem to think people on benifits get a whole lot of moeny, especially the more children they are recieving benefits for. but really you dont. and i'll be happy when my boyfriend is no longer an apprentice tiler and gettin proper tiler wages so i dont even have to be on benefits at all if i dont want to.

i just want to live comfortably instead of struggling. i go without alot of everyday needs, like i desperately need alot of new underwear! and warm clothes considering how cold its getting. i havent had new clothes since the birth of my son 4.5 months ago. nothing fits me anymore. but i go without to provide for me son.

i can see why ALOT Of people of people rort the system....!!!!
i get $150 a week to live of!!!!!!!
as centerlink thinks my partner earns too much
they do not support me at all for staying with the father of my child and do not at all want to support us as a family

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Bubs and us,

A whole heap of stuff was just deleted, do you know why?
hi, was just wondering if anyone knows how much you can earn on a single parents pensions before the deductions start and what the deductions are.
any info would be great
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