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Hey guys just wondering if you can pls help cos I have absolutely NO idea what Im doing lol.

This morning I turned on the computer and was able to sign into MSN and hotmail. I can access a couple of web pages but now I can no longer sign into MSN, I cant access hotmail and also MANY webpages including facebook.

Its saying diagnose internet problems but my net is connected and working otherwise I wouldnt be on here grrrrrrrr HELP PLEASE
I am having the EXACT same problem! Hope it is fixec soon - i need my dose of facebook for the morning LOL!

Julie + Rodger = Mackenzie 04 & Kristain 06

just had the same problem about 5mins ago. i just turned the motem off and back on again and it sorted itself out! good luck

Omg im having the exact same problem.. i can only get on to huggies.. Are you with telstra?
I can't get any page to load except huggies and it keeps giving me errors,lol.

Oh yaya so its not just me lol Sorry girls but its nice to know I havent been singled out lol Ive done some "checking" and it says something about the DNS ???? NFI what that is but I shall try the modem on and off and see if that helps.

Are you both with Bigpond by any chance?? Maybe the server is down??
Posted by: *SPuNKy*MoNKeY*
Omg im having the exact same problem.. i can only get on to huggies.. Are you with telstra?

YES telstra/bigpond...but someone suggested turning off modem and trying hoping this works..maybe yu should try this also??!!
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Julie + Rodger = Mackenzie 04 & Kristain 06

PMSL Can anyone else see the irony of the only page we can access is the one that normally has the most problems???


Sorry tis very early
lol I know!
I'm using my iPhone on the optusnetwork, n im not having any issues. Just thought I'd add that, let u know that it may just be ur ISP that's having issues. Good luck!
Ok well the modem thing didnt work at my end *sob sob* does that mean I will now have to be a good little house b!t@h and clean ????? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo Come on Telstra pull your finger out dont make me get all domesticated haha
Yep, another Bigpond user here with no access to anything but Huggies. I was on Facebook about 15 minutes ago but now can't get on.
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