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HELP! Baby shower gift?? Lock Rss

My mum and i have been invited to a baby shower on the weekend. I dont know the girl who is having the baby well at all. We are actually friends with her mum. I dont know if she is having a boy girl, dont know if she plans on using cloth or disposable nappies, if she is going to breastfeed or what she already has?? So i have no idea what to get her. I know after my baby shower, i had blankets and teddy's coming out my ears, so would rather avoid those things. Any suggestions.. ????

How about a subscription to a parenting magazine.

For my birthday, my best friend got me ont to Practical Parenting. I think 12 months costs around 50bucks. I think it is an excellent gift because it keeps on giving. Each month I have a mag delivered, I love it. IF 50bucks is more than you wanted to spend, you can get a 6 month subscription or a 3 month (I think).
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