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sorry huggies no need for nappies anymore Lock Rss

Yay ! our youngest son Ryan is finally toilet trained he had his 1st nappyfree night last night & did very well went to bed at 7pm & woke at 6am bone-dry it took 5 months from the 1st wee in the potty to graduate as a big boy

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Congratulations on having your first dry night!!! May there be many more to come.

little monkeys

thats fantastic. how old is DS.
my DD wont set foot near the toilet or potty since one of my friends offered to take her to the toilet (we were just starting training )about 3months a ago and now refuses to have anything to do with it.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

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