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When or do we have another child after twins? Lock Rss

Hi i was just wanting to hear when some people out there had their next baby after having multiples?
My twins will be two in july and we had no intention of having another child atleast for another two years or maybe not having another one at all!! But lately we have just been thinking about having another one one day, but dont know if we should now or wait the couple of years. We have a chance of having twins again (which we do not want to have!!!) so we seriously have to take that into thought. I would like to have all my children at once and do not want a big age gap!! Just wanted to know what other multiple parents have done in regards to having another child.

Bekstar - proud mum of Jay Jay & Logan

i dont have twins but know a mum who has a 6 yr old girl then boys twins who are about 2 1/2 now & another son who is only 13 months younger than the twins guess its a personal decision

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I would also be interested in hearing what other parents with twins think. My husband is terrified of having twins again (I think it would be nice but don't really want four kids) so I just want to know if people have found it very difficult.
My MIL had twin girls and thought she would stop. (Although she already had two older boys). Thankfully for me four years after the twins she had her final bub - my DH!!!

We have Lachie who is two and I am currently expecting #2. Sadly it started out as a multiple but one twin hasn't survived. When we knew we were expecting twins we made the decision it would be our last pregnancy.

I guess what you need to take into consideration is that if you do have another set of twins, will you need a new car (peole mover type) or will you and your partner have to drive everywhere in two cars. However, other people seem to cope so at the end of the day it is a decision taht only you and your partner can make. I wish you all the best.

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