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Hi to all that are reading this!

I am on a weight management programme through my Doctor at the meoment.
He has just prescribed me Duramine to take.

has any one taken this before? any side effects? and the biggy - COST?

Ta very much xx

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have a look under the Fit And Healthy You section of the forum and you will find a long running thread about this smile
Oh thanks so much for that Mummy to ashlee

Julie + Rodger = Mackenzie 04 & Kristain 06

about $100 per month, feels like your on speed, heart racing etc. kils your appetite. no garuntee youll keep it off once you stop taking it though

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loved being on Duromine and will eventually go back onto it worked wonders for me and i had no side effects

I got mine for $93 from the discount chemist.Depends where you go and get them from.
The side effects i got from them was only really the dry mouth and the headaches other than that i had no other problems other than i was on the go the hole time lol

anyone know of any doctors in auckland that will easily prescribe duromine?

pref north shore/rodney district.

my bmi isover 30 and my doctor hates prescribing pills.

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