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EASTER!! Lock Rss

Hi all,
Just wondering what you all do for Easter...How do you celebrate??
This year for us will be quiet as DH is on call for work...and yep all our family lives at least 3 hours away!!
Take care
XX Nadine XX
Hey Nadine.

This year I am desperatly seeking a QUIET easter, as for the last few years it's been havic with my DD having to go to god only knows how many different places to celerbrate this day (as most people i know consider me family and therefor she is a Grand-daughter/neice to so many different families). I have also limited the amount of chocolate she is to be given as last year she still had easter eggs in july which had gone bad. Everyone has been told that she is to recieve no more than 1 medium sized egg and or toy, but i prefer cloths as she doesn't understand what the day is all about and thinks its christmas again. and lets face it she will get more use out of the cloths than the eggs, or toys!

As for the family thing they can come to me for once as i have been told by doctors that i am not allowed to be on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Hope everyone has a great easter break

little monkeys

Hello there i hope your DH doesnt get called in on Easter morning and gets to stay at home with you guys!! We do my partners side only as my fmaily live in QLD, but his side is much more fun (no offense if my family ever see this lol). On good friday we go to my partner's mums side and they do hot cross buns in the morning with cream and jam etc and than we all go back for lunch and we have fish n chips which is so embarrassing going to pick up $100+ worth of fish n chips i got stuck doing it last year but wont be with feeling as i do YAY! Dp's nan makes such a big effort towards the kids with easter eggs hidden everywhere and just makes them all feel very special i love it! On the Sunday we go to the beach with my partner's dad's side and we take a picnic and the kids all play on the park etc and it is a very relaxed morning! Before my son we never did anything overly special so now he is here it is a lovely tradition and next Easter we will have another bundle to share this with!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

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