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Huggies, Good promotion ideas, Lock Rss

You know what I would love huggies to do. I think it would be a fab idea to have a similar promo like heinz, barcodes for treasure. I know friends who don't always use huggies products exept when they are doing a promo and if they don't have enough barcodes they come to me because I only use huggies. I bet they would use only huggies if they got a reward at the end. What do reckon huggies?. What do everyone else think.?

Sam Qld,

great idea. they could do a promotion by redemption. like x amount of barcodes will get you such and such a toy. what does everyone else think?

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

WOW someone else that knows about the heinz one does anyone have the address where i can claim.
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