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Storing baby clothes Lock Rss

I am sure this would have been discussed at some stage but I need to know the best way to store and protect bubs baby clothes for future use (hopefully)

Hi darkandstormy,
I use the plastic storage bags (kinda like a gladbag) that you put clothes etc in and zip up then use a vacuum to suck all the air out and it shrinks down considerably. Great for storage purposes if you also don't have alot of room to store stuff. You can get them at Woolworths and most department stores. Best thing I could recommend for you to use..
well all i do is just put them into an old suitcase with the old moth balls to keep all the bugs out .or even the storage i have four children and horded allt heir clothes from my 11 year old to my 14 mth old they haven't faded or anything and i still have wheite nappies that are 11 years old from my 1st son being born and not worn out as all my kids were in cloth at the beginning sorry off the subject but dn't go into too much mum even has our baby blanket which is years old and my sister is 41 and still good nick and it's in bag with moth balls.......and been used on her kids and mine and my it proves basic is everything the old way works and i fine that the air bags are a waste of money no matter how many i bought they always leaked air inside the things ..anyway just a hint, any way that works for you is fine....

becky,mum of 4,qld

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