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My DS2 has just been diagnosed with glue ear in one ear today.

What is normal treatment for kids with this??
Doc has prescribed demazin and panadol if needed.

Not our usual doc and couldn't understand him very well lol!

What do you think??

Julie + Rodger = Mackenzie 04 & Kristain 06


Julie + Rodger = Mackenzie 04 & Kristain 06

Hi, I don't want to freak you out with my story but....

Our DS1 had recurring ear infections in both ears. I took him to an ENT specialist who diagnosed fluid behind both ears (also known as "glue ear") & suggested having grommets inserted. He had them inserted 9 months ago & has never had an infection since. It was the best thing we did.

Has your son had recurring ear problems? Each time DS had an infection he would be given antibiotics & we would give nurofen to help with the pain. If you're worried I would take him to your usual GP & ask if he feels its necessary to see an ENT.

Good luck with it all

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