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what have you bought??? Lock Rss

hi all. thought i'd start a post on the best baby bargains / purchases you have made, and also the worst. i'll start...

fisher price swing $215 its my lifesaver when i want (need) to do housework
cot mobile and also change table mobile $3 each second hand. these keep him amused for ages
bonds wondersuits i bought heaps of these, and he loves to sleep in them, and its so easy to change his nappy at 3am!
bertini pram $399 after deciding i hated the old one, i bought this pram. it's great. i think i like it more than bubba does. (only problem is now we need to buy a car to fit the pram!)

steelcraft acclaim pram $269 which i decided i hated when he was 6 weeks old, so i bought a new one!
baby carrier $49... he's too heavy for me to carry him like that. completely useless to me!
breastfeeding pillow $39 i didnt even breastfeed!
breast pump $109 i didnt even breastfeed!
car capsule $229 i only used this for 3 weeks before i put the reversible car seat in the car. why i bought a capsule as well, i'll never know!
countless 00000 and 0000 outfits... he was 8lb 8oz born, so was pretty much straight into 000!
baby monitor $69... we dont need it. he lets us know when he wants us. boy, does he let us know!!!
125mL baby bottles. i have like 10 of these, but only used 2! he was a hungry bubba, so needed the bigger bottles.

oh, i could go on forever about my money wasting! i wanted everything for my first born. he's only 10 weeks old and already has 3 huggies boxes filled with clothes he's grown out of (half of which he's never worn!)

it looks like i wasted a whole lot of money on a whole lot of crap!

love to hear what others have bought

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

if you still have the tags on the unused clothes i am sure you could get a refund or an exchange for them?!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi all,

yeah I wanted everything for my first born and then regretted a lot of what I spent but you only learn through trial and error.


Baby Bjorn Active Carrier - Used this till bub was 10kg... it let me zip in and out of shops very quickly

Breastfeeding pillow - even though I didn't BF DD #1, she lay on it holding her own bottle at 5 months and onwards

Breastpump - couldn't get the hang of it for DD #1 but luckily I kept it cos am using it now for DD #2

Bonds Wondersuits - looks good and comfy on bub, and allows me to change nappies quite easily.

Pigeon Peristaltic teat - the only teat that my newborn DD drank from without choking


Baby toys - DD wasn't interested!

Loads of clothes 000 - most never worn or worn only once!

Newborn Summer clothes - my newborns are normally wrapped so singlets and a nappy sufficed

Baby Sunglasses - DD #1 doesn't like them and keeps taking them off!

Bellamys rice cereal - was recommended by another mother so I bought several boxes but they always clumped up and so I had to throw them out! Rang their information line and told them but they didn't get back to me

Baby monitor - baby sleeps in our room and we live in a small apartment

To teach is to learn twice


*Grobag - expensive but so worth it!

*Bodysuits - he still wears them to bed, around the house and on cold days when we're out...

*Bibs - he has so many and I still run out... if only I knew, I would have bought tons of this rather than other useles stuff...

*Jolly Jumper Highchair - It's wonderful and he sits in it for meals and to watch Wiggles/Blues Clues! It's adjustable etc.


*Baby carrier - used it like 3 times at home and once out - he got heavy really quickly!!!

*Newborn Hats - He hated all the cute little hats we bought him... has worn them once or twice before we packed them away cos they are too small...

*Baby Sunglasses - He hates wearing them and DH thinks they look terrible!

*Toys - he has lots of toys but would rather play with a box or pegs?? Go figure??

*Cute little shirts - he had lots of cute shirts but found them too hard for a newborn... as it rides up when you pick them up and he was born going into Winter!

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