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VENT:I am so VERY frustrated ATM with kids Lock Rss

I am just about at my wits end with my kids.

Every morning DS1 (he is 4) wakes up and is in this hyperactive mood and it doesn't change much for the day - thank goodness we are able to use CC twice a week.
He is destructive, noisy, doesn't listen (in fact I am sure his ears are only for decoration), he piches/steals things around the house and hides them or hides with them, violent towards us and his brother...... this list could just go on and on sad
We have cut out his day sleep as he WONT go to bed at night if he has one.
He doesn't eat food that requires a spoon/fork - unless we feed it to him ourselves.

AND to top all this off, DS2 who is almost 3 is now following
in the same footsteps.
DS2 won't settle to sleep at night. He can be Mr Kranky pants for a lot of the day.
Have cut out his day sleeps also in effort to curb this problem. But nothing improving here either.

The thing is, I know most of this is just stages of these kids, but FFS when will it end lol!
I find myself thinking about life with NO KIDS and boy, some days it seems like it would be great to go back to that life.

We have no family here, not that they were helpful when we were living near them.
Hubby is just as frustrated with them...and we seem to spend alot of time arguing about how to change things in our house so we can have some peace.

OK, vetnt over. Thanks if you got this far smile

Julie + Rodger = Mackenzie 04 & Kristain 06

Poor thing sounds like you are having a hard time at the moment. What kind of consequences do you have in place for the not listening, or when he takes things? You need to make these very clear to your child and make sure you follow through with what you have said, otherwise the child will learn that you don't really mean what you say and that he can get away with it anyway.
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