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handy hints and multiple uses for household items Lock Rss

hey guys i thought it would be good to start a post that has some handy hints and multiple uses for house hold goods. so lets keep them flowing.
Heres a few i use all the time..

Wear a sock when you vaccum and rub your foot along the board at the bottom of your walls. This way your vaccuming and dusting at the same time. : )

You can buy disposable shower caps from the supermarket, use them to cover plates, bowls cans etc instead of glad wrap, then can be used over and over and keep your food fresh. : )

a good way of not getting your wool or cotton all tangled up when sewing, but still have it accessible is to put it into empty nappy wipe containers and feed the wool through the hole at the top. : )

If you dont have a sun umbrella and want some shad in your back yard throw a sheet over the old hills hoist, whind it all the way up, and suddenly you do. : )

when the toothpaste tube is almost finished dont throw it out, use the last little bit to clean white sports shoes with an old toothbrush, they will come up looking new. : )

when having a bbq at a local park or caravan park, if the bbq isnt very clean as is usually the case, place a sheet of non-stick baking paper on the hotplate, the meat still cooks perfectly through the paper and when finished, all you have to do is discard the paper, no scrubing. : )

next time you have an insect bite, try rubbing it with soap, it stops the itching, and it honestly works. : )

rub some shaving cream onto your bathroom mirror then polish off with a clean cloth, this will prevent if from fogging up and should last for a few weeks.

when toilet training toddlers, squash the toilet roll on its holder, this insures it only releases a few squares at a time as its harder for the roll to turn. : )


IStole3ofHeavensAngels, 2 boys, 1 girl

To avoid getting those unsightly stains on plastic containers when storing sauces, stews etc., spray the container with olive oil spray or cooking spray (such as pure n' simple). before putting the sauce in. It coats the container so that the sauces can't seep into the plastic.

More, more, I like these ideas!!

Rosie, DD1 8yrs, DD2 6yrs, DD3 4yrs, DS1 19mths

Save money on therapy and use cooking wine as a handy tonic for stressed mums. Just remove the screw top and upend into your mouth while no-one is looking. You will feel refreshed and ready to tackle thoshe foggy shports shoes.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Aparently hair spray gets ink out of clothes (I was told this by a dry cleaner!!!)

Save your old cloth nappies for drying your bathroom sink etc. (got this from my enyo lady)

Old or a packet of cheap CD's make great projects for kids at christmas time (just glue glitter and bits of "stuff" on them and you have a fabulous ornament to hang on the tree!)

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