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What do you think about starting a FDC??? Lock Rss

I am a single mum of one little boy who is 15 months old. I am struggling paying rent and all the loans etc being a SAHM so am thinking seriously about doing FDC from a rental!! Has anyone else been in a similar situation? How did it work? Were your own children coping ok with it? I have already done the training, I just need to get financing! Any opinions??

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

What is FDC?
I know that the new requirements are fairly tough!

All glass has to have safetly film on it and if you have railings they have to be made of secure materials and on and on etc.

I would contact the family day care people and get there requirements as you may find that there might be work needed to be done to the home in order to get the approval. I know they come out to the home and do an inspection. Then being a rental property your landlord might not be willing to do the work.

Other than that why not.. make the best of the situatuation.

Also see how it affects any benefits if you are recieving them..

Maybe try consolididate any loans/credit cards that you have. By putting them all together the repayments might be less than what you are paying all added up.

Good Luck
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