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Sweet treats.... Lock Rss

....what do you have??

I am on a weight management programme thorugh my doctor.
But I find I still crave something sweet every so often

So, does anyone have suggestions for a sweet treat for when you are trying to loose weight?? Or a treat to curb that CRAVING lol!!!!

Thanks to anyone who answers smile

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you can buy weight watchers cookies? thats all i can think of, i'm a sucker for sweet things too, often i just make a small cordial haha no too sure how good that is tho

My mum used to give us kids an apple cut up into segemnts with a teaspoon or two of brown sugar sprinkled over the top... I assume that is fairly healthy, and it was tasty smile]
Sometimes I find an apple or banana will do the trick. Or handful of sultanas can be good too.

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Grated apple and plain natural yoghurt, it is sweet and creamy yet good for the waist line and for your internals. For extra sweetness add a tablespoon of saltanas or a tiny drizzle of honey.

Cheers Ness

hehe... i shouldn't laugh.

You can buy those weight watchers icecreams in single serves. I find them good cause if you just buy one as a treat at the shops you cant go back to the fridge for seconds and thirds LOL!!!!

Also they have mouse. Im not a huge fan but you may be...

I know its not sweet but what about nuts? I love nut. Not the 2 fury ones you see all the time but like natural nuts. Fill you up and also tatse yummy!

and thats all this brain can think of atm

When I was doing weight watchers I used to have some diet jelly with a sprinkle of hundreds & thousands on it.

Licorice. And if you eat too much you get the runs, so that helps in not eating too much of it lol
I saw a post a while back about making your own 'light' lolly snakes, I think you add gelatine to some light jelly and tip it onto a tray and let it set then cut it into strips.

I'm a fan of strawberries dipped into vanilla yougurt. have a peice of pineapple or a passionfruit - yummo

pinch of sugar dissolving on the tongue is a sure fire way to kill my craving...
natural confectionary lollies, the WW deserts are yummy, grapes
Sugar free lollies and chocolate. Or some of the sugarless wafers (they have sweet and savoury).
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