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When to Stop? Lock Rss

Hi i am new to Huggies. I have four children under the age of 4.5. I am wondering if anyone has the same feelings as i do. People say you know when you are finished having children but i dont feel this at all. It is very busy, stressful, fun, rewarding in my house but i want to know when i am going to have this feeling of no more kids for me!! Help anyone out there feel the same as me??????


Ceri mother of 4

Good on you, you sound like a wonderful mum! I personally want 3 kids but hubby is sort of mentioning he wants 2 but doesn't mind 3 if I really want that. I will see how I feel after number 2, I am 25 and have a bit of time left to see how it goes.
I think that if you don't feel as though you are done, then maybe you aren't. What does your partner think? I say if you both are up to it, then go for it!

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

Hi, good on you for having 4, these days that is rare. My hubby and I have 7 youngest is 11wks, I want more but can't medically have more (probs with last) if you feel you arn't finished then your not. I thought we wouldnt have more after our 4th but along came a little surprise and we realised we wanted a bigger family . So if you feel you want more go for it. For some strange reason after your 4th it doesnt seem like theres that much more work with your 5th 6th and 7th. Let us know if and when you decide to have more.

Peta, mum of 7 kids

Hi Ceri
I only have one child so far so probably not really an appropriate person to really answer, but I reckon if you and hubby want more go for it. Hubby and I are trying for a second (we always planned on two), but if next pregnancy goes the way of our last one, I might consider more..... I know friends of ours just had their third and after their second child, they debated for a while and now say that their family is complete. I remember her saying during this last pregnancy that when you've had enough, you know it, so if you are up in the air, maybe you have enough love for more kids....

James' Mum

I have one little darling so far, and can see myself in the future finding it really hard to draw the line and say "enough's enough!" My husband says he only wants two at this stage, but I have three in mind. Having a baby and nurturing them, watching them grow - it's such a rewarding experience - seems like a perfectly sensible thing to become a bit addicted to!

I agree with the other mums, I think you'll know when your family feels "just right", and it's true you only live once (as far as we know!), and you don't want to look back and wish you'd had more. It sounds like you're a great mum, and as long as you and your partner are on the same page about it, I say follow your instincts and do what feels right.

If only all the babies in the world were lucky enough to be born into such loving families! smile

This new forum is strange ...

Hi Ceri,
I have 2 children (6months and 2.5). Whilst we feel 2 is enough (hubby more than me!)

I find it really hard to believe that I'm never going to be pregnant again. It's such an amazing experience.
I had what you would call fairly easy pregnancies (apart from big bubs - DS was 9lb7Oz!!)and my births (whilst I tore badly with both) were fairly good (short labours).

So I don't know if you can ever feel like you've "finished" or your family is "complete", especially if you enjoy being pregnant and babies.

Put it this way. We believe financially we are better off with just the 2 and they are deffinately a handfull at this age so we have decided 2 is enough (mind you hubby isn't about to go for the snip!!!!)

I'd imagine going from 4 to 5 wouldn't be too much of a transition!!!??


You'll know...
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