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What is the MEANEST thing another person has said to you about your child or you and your child?? Lock Rss

hey Everyone,
This might be a stupid topic but i wanted to ask just to see how mean some people are.

What is the MEANEST thing another person has said to you about your child or you and your child??

My Boyfriends friend oh what a cow i never really liked her but now i dont like her more, but she said to me that she didnt think my son would look so cute with me as his mother, she said that me being ugly that he couldnt be so cute. >:-<
I wanted to knock her lights out. I am sorry but i dont think i am that ugly. sad I might be a little but to say that to my face.... >:-< ....

I thought i might ask to see if there are any other rude people out there that dont think before they speak.
I hope i am not the only one sad

An ex friend of mine has said that I was stupid for even thinking about having children and that all people who want children or have children are stupid, this comment lead to a huge fight this was the last time I spoke to her it was the last straw for me

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

My best friend and I had our two boys 2 and a half weeks apart, her boy being older. My best friend is lovely and treats my boy like her own but for some reason her boyfriend is very competetive between the two, Not once has he said a nice word about my boy he is always making comments like" he has a face on him like a squashed crab and "he has a head on him like a farce back racing mallett or something like that. I try and tune him out. I am so close to snapping at him, he drives me up the wall.

Hi is always calling mine a sook, even though half the time its his boy crying. Come on, why are the males so more competetive.

Sam Qld,

My ex friend asked me where I was going to have my daughter's funeral. My daughter was born at 23.2 weeks and weighed 450 grams. My daughter is now 3 yrs old and happy and healthy.
I no longer speak or see this person, my daughter was in the humicrib at the time. I was absolutely shocked by what she said.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

OMG i had a friend like that too

she also told me that my daughter should be with her father cuz my daughter is not raise like her daughter is (my db and i where fighting atm). I had a big blue with her over this and she told me that it was good my d was leaving me for another women (which is not true becuz he ask me to be his wife two days after the fight). then she sent me an email about how he is no good for me and that it was good that he was leaving me.

we no longer talk or anything becouse of it. i also told my Dh about this fight and he was so angry he called her and told her never to come over to our house or call again.

Shazz and beautiful Sarah

OMG some people are so mean.....

My ex-bestie said to me when I had my oldest son "I hate redhead kids, they are all little brats, always hyper and never behave!" My son was 8 weeks old, he wasn't red red but he was red......funnily enough he is now (at 2 1/2) Blonde with a red tinge. We always get comments on how well behaved he is and how beautiful his manners are. He says sorry to the ground if he falls I haven't spoken to her since. I will lmao if when she has kids they are redheads! wink
My mother in law said when my daughter was just a baby " gee she can give some filthy looks, she must get that from you!"
Can someone tell me how a baby can give a filthy look?
One of the worst things that was said about my son was last week & we were visiting my partners family & we went to see his brother, his wife & their son & my partners mum mentioned that she liked Thomas's big white front teeth & the brothers wife turned around & asked if he's got bucked teeth. When we found out that Thomas was disabled at the 19 week scan she said we should've terminated, she's a cow no one can stand her in the family. Plus she's now got her nose out of place coz I'm a bridesmaid in my partners sisters wedding next month & she wasn't asked, seeing her face when she found out would've been priceless. Pity we werent there.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

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