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DID YOU READ???? Lock Rss

The NW this week??
I am talking about Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes.
I don't mean to offend anyone if you are a Scientologist but come on!!!!!!
She is to give birth silent with no drugs, they say it will "dull the awareness"of the sensation of child birth. :~
The doctors and midwives are to keep quite as well.
Then to top it off she will not be able to talk to her new born for 7 days, WHAT THE!!!!!!!
They say the baby must remain in a silent environment for 7 days to ensure there first week on earth is free from trauma.
I am sorry but i think it will be traumatic for the baby to come from mums tummy and then be left alone with no love and warmth for 7 days, that is cruel.
The man that made up these rules needs to squeeze a water melon out of his you know what & see if he can stay silent.
Is this a religion or a cult that likes to see how far you can push a woman??

Hi Nikkid

All I can say is that I agree totally with what you said. Birth is a natural process and if you need to scream from the roof tops to get the baby out then so be it. Personally I think it is already traumatic for the baby being born from a warm cosy environment inside mummy to a cold and strange world! They need to hear mummy's voice and feel her touch and reassurance. Babies who are cuddled and talked to regularly thrive, that is a well known fact.

I think Scientology is a bit strange anyway but this just takes the cake!


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two words best describe Tom Cruise.
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It's absolute nonsense huh! It's this kind of thing that makes me think everyone in Hollywood is from another planet. Surely no self-respecting human woman would voluntarily co-operate with such a bizarre plan?!?

When I was in labour I made more noise than I ever thought possible, and I couldn't have shut up for a million dollars. No man has the right to tell a woman how she should behave during labour, and to tell her she can't talk to her baby for 7 days - that's plain old child abuse.

I'm sorry to say it, but all the evidence suggests that this poor baby is going to be screwed up no matter how it ends up being born. What an oddball life to find yourself in!

This new forum is strange ...

they should all be slapped!!!!
yes i was good and only moaned and groaned but come on!!!!!
if i were her id say i wouldnt talk then when i was in labour porposly scream my head off lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I was shocked that someone could be so stupid,
firstly to date someone close to her fathers age (esp. after her dad came out and said she used to have posters of him on her bedroom walls!- how embarassing!) and secondly to seem to no longer have her own public opinion.
Also have you noticed he calls her Kate on every inteview NOT Katie - like he is trying to mature her image.
Another thing I find funny was on foxtel they did "A look into baby TomKat" on the Et channel and they said that Suri is also a name for an ugly alpaca (if that's how you spell it!!??).
The unusual name kind of fit in will with the 'secret adoption rumours'.
HOWEVER I don't know if it's something Tom felt he had to make in a statement days before Katie went into labour, to make himself appear less controlling, but he said that his 'religion' says the mother can make as much noise as she wants, without going overboard and swearing a lot, but everyone else in the room must keep silent or to a whispering minimum while she is having that baby.
I guess If they are 100% happy and not faking it then good for them, hopefully it's not another failed hollywood relationship.
I really dislike tom cruise, WHAT A WANKER! This religion is based on science fiction books and I think is absolutly ridiculous! All I can say is kate is silly for even agreeing to this. Just as breast feeding is promoted this "not being able to talk to baby for 7 days" should be banned!!! Don't the midwifes say first hours are the best for bonding?

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