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can anyone help? bad reaction to gardasil please!!! Lock Rss

ok i had my 2nd shot of gardasil and 2 hours after having it i got really dizzy and felt so faint. i then got a really bad headache which was all in the back of my head. this got worse over a week to the point i couldnt lift my head or get out of bed. the doctors perscribed panadeine forte and i lived on that for a few days before my arm went numb and i ended up in hospital. in hospital they did a lumbar puncture and neck xray as it was also so sore and stiff turns out all were clear and sent me home after 13 hours. the heaches got worse also they dizziness and numbness in the arm and leg. i also got a cold shiver up and down my spine. i ended up back in hospital where i was admitted and spent a week in getting test brain and spine mri etc etc. they all came back ok except they found a cyst on the spine which has been there for a long time so shouldnt cause anyof this. they sent me home once again with no answers. im still 5 weeks later not feeling my normal self. i feel like there is a weightover the back of my head and im just spaced out. my left arm is still heavy and numb and i also get the heaviness and numbness in my left lower leg/foot. the doctors still say its nothing to do with the gardisal but considering im usually fit and healthy this is a joke... i have seen 2 natropaths who both swear it is from the gardisal and have given me various things to try but i need to get better fast!! i cant even look after my kids ive been so ill. im hoping someone can help with advice or any info of what to do because i cant go on like this!!! please

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi, so sorry to hear you are in such a bad way.

Try this website!

My baby daughter had a reaction to her 2nd lot of immunisations so hasn't had any since, they tried to tell me it was not related too.. HOGWASH!!

Best of luck, I hope you find some answers to feel better!!!
Keep us posted?
I have had all 3 gardasil needles and the worst that I got was dizzy and a dead arm where they put in the needle.
Other then that sorry I cant be of too much help.
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