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what brand of school shoes do u think is best? Lock Rss

i know its a little early but just wanted to know what brand u think is best? i know clarks are usually worth the $$$ but what about cheaper ones like grosby? i saw some cute mary jane buckle ones on their website they are only $40 but dont know if they would last? mind u i could afford to replace them at that price. what do u think?

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whichever your child feels most comfiest in.

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i dont know about school shoes. but elijahs last summer toddler shoes were grosby kids, and i think they are great, ive been searching on ebay for a bigger size this year.
they have sole support, which is why i think they are great.

but yeah a thumbs up from me for grosby brand
grosbys i reckon too, they are a good shoe not to pricey

but a nice wide fitting ones i love if you can find them
My girls are not at school yet but i was buying all there shoes from Betts Kids and last 2 seasons i have got a few "grosby" shoes at K Mart for less than half betts kids price of approx $70 a pair!

I have got them sandals that are really supportive and they didnt complain they hurt, they were so good i will not hesitate buying "grosby" again.

At the end of last summer i got this years sandals on clearance they started at $27 (which is cheap anyway) and i got them for $6 a pair!!!!

I think i have seen them in Big W too!


when i was in school we used to get grosby or beta they were the school brand ones and they were fairly cheap and me and my sisters would last us the year but my brothers would need a new pair every term!

meant to be a pm

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