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Driving Lock Rss

Just curious if there is anyone else out there who

a) doesn't have a drivers licence


b) has a drivers licence, but doesn't drive or have a car?

If this applies to anyone, how do you get around, and what are your reasons?

I am just curious, because I have a dl and have had it for about 5 years, but I never drive. I never had anyone to teach me to drive when i was younger, so just never got around to it, until I was about 30 and DH, has never encouraged my driving. A few times in the past when I suggest I will drive somewhere, he always says no he will go or drive. My reasons for not driving are because I have no confidence or much driving experience. Although I do know that I am a safe driver.

But that will all change next year, because DD1 starts school, so I will have to drive, but i am looking forward to it!!

Hi I would not be without my drivers licence I have been driving for 10 years now. Soory can't help you. Amanda.

I got my DL in November last year. I'm paranoid of cars...the first time Shane made me drive I was crying and shaking before I got in the car and would only go about 20-30k/h...s h i t t ing myself.

Now I drive everywhere. I have to. Shane works nights and sleeps most of the day so if something needs doing it's me that has to do it.

I love it and could never ever be without my license. As it is the car is having a check up at the Drs and has been there since's now 1.36pm and i'm getting fidgety...I have things to do and no way to do it! lol!

I have a DL but we have one car and dh takes it to work. So i pay the bills by bpay, do the grociers when dh is home. and any thing else is done when dh can do it or when i have a chance to borrow the car usually sundays.
im 25 got my drivers licence when i was 16 well my ls lol!
i drive a lot but now that i have had jasmine i choose to walk everywere,

it this house that im in, i only live 25 min walk to the shops,
helps get me fit and jasmines loves the fresh air,

in the next house im moving to i know there is a little shops somewere but it wont be as good as the one i walk to now as it wont have banks post office ect,

i dont drive much now as i feel its cheeper to only have one car on the road its been working really well i take dan to work in the morning if i need it for the day,

its been so good that we have sold dans car,

jasmine normaly falls asleep with walks aswell and i leave her in the pusher to sleep,

as i like to walk i might walk up to the shops to get food and pay bills, as you can get a lot off shoping in the pusher if you pack it wright,

i havent yet cort a bus as i havent had to,
i dont know if i like that idea as we have both the old busses and the new ones and i bet i would get the old and have to unpack the pusher to get onto the bus,

also if i really need somthing my mother has a car seet in her car aswell so theres allways her if i need,

I got my restricted a month before DS arrived. I wouldn't be with out it now.

I had my learners for years but due to being in an accident when I was younger I used to panic and stress everytime I got behind the wheel. These days I think nothing of it but have a very healthy respect for the road smile

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I don't have my licence and i'm 38. I've had my learners twice but never got around to driving. It didn't bother me so much before I had my two little ones, but now, boy o boy, do I notice how hard it is for me.

When you have 1 child, it's easier to get around on public transport but the minute you have 2, especially so close in age like I have (13 months apart), it makes a big impact. where I live is basically a country area, I don't have any pram friendly buses to be able to just get on a bus and although the train station is just down the road, I could easily get on the train platform on my end to go to town, but to come back, there is heaps of stairs and it would be impossible for me to carry the pram up and down the stairs to the other side if there was no one at the station at the time to help me. My only option is cabs, but to get out and about with 2 babies on my own, is extremely difficult. I've done it once and the lovely cab driver had to help me. Most days I wait till my eldest daughter is here to help me, or just wait till my hubby has a day off work so we can go and do our bits and pieces together.

My main reason to not driving is a fear factor and also no confidence but have been seriously thinking about getting them again due to the above. a friend suggested to get hypnotised to get me out of this fear.

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I don't have my license or l's. I had my l's years ago but they expired. Just looked into it the other day and it's nearly $100 just to do the test and get the 3 years l's. I used to be confident when I had my l's and in my smallish home town, but in the city I would not drive! We got hit by a truck a few years ago and it really took my confidence down even lower.
I usually catch the bus, or walk or dh drives me. he has 3 days off a week, so plenty of time for shopping. Otherwise I just find my own way around. I'm used to p/t from going to work, so it doesn't bother me.
I only got my l's when i was 21 (may this year). DH said we couldnt have a baby because it was impractical for me to have a baby and not be able to drive.

I was in an accident when i was younger (about 11) and I was totally petrified of being on teh road with other cars. When i sat behind the wheel i would panic and my heart would start to race.

I'm glad i pushed through and overcame my fear because i feel much more independant now and less of a burden being able to go out and get what i need to do done without relying on other people to give me a lift.

I think the most important thing is that i did it when i felt ready and didn't let people push me before i was ready. A baby was however a great motivation.

I've had my licence for 10 years but these days don't tend to drive much at all. This is because I'm a SAHM and we can't afford to run two cars. Hubby takes the car to work as theres next to no public transport to the area he works in and NONE that comes via our place. Only have the one child so using public transport is no problem and I do the groceries when I do happen to have the car. I do make the effort and drop hubby to work if DS has drs or specialists appointments though... getting to those without a car is a pain in the rear end!
Im 26 now and got my Ls when I was 16 so I have been driving for 10 years.

I am absolutly lost without a car...I have the car and DP has his work vehicle so I always have the car...

It takes me half an hour to walk to the kids school so I always drive although I just said to DP today I might start walking a few days a week now its getting nice n warm.

My kids play lots of different sports and I play netball 2 nights a week so if I didnt have a car or my license we wouldnt be able to do anything.

Public transport isnt too bad cos im in the metro area but it just takes soooo long to get somewhere so we dont catch buses or trains unless we're having a day out n the kids wanna go on the train to the city.

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Hi I'm 23 and I have my learner's license but have never learnt to drive and doubt I will. I am very nervous around cars because I was in a few accidents as a child.

I live a 15 minute walk from the CBD, so I just put DD in the stroller and off we go. DP is off work at the moment and planning to do a 4 year uni course next year so he is around a lot to drive me anywhere I really need to go.

I pay all my bills over the net and if I ever needed a lift to Playgroup the mums I know are great and always offering a ride lol.

We only own one car in any case and my DP used to have to take it to work so it wouldn't have mattered if I had my license or not (unless I wanted to drive 30 minutes to and from his old work twice a day - no thank you lol)

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