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My Daugher is 4 years old and l would like to teach her about 'stranger danger' without frightening her.
I know that danger comes from people we know such as family members or friends as well as real strangers.
How do l get the message across while still leaving her confident about herself and with others???

lyndal, Vic, 3 yr & 11month old

Hello lynhan, I have cut and paste from my reply to an early post in this section under WARNING TO ALL MUMS by chelby.

We all know the importance of protecting our children against strangers but we have to be just as diligent with friends or family as they can also be a danger. I know of too many people who have had there lives ruined by friends or family molestering them. This is why they stopped the campain of Stranger Danger and started the Good Touch Bad Touch. We found an excellent CD Rom by Bravehearts Inc, a child protection group dedicated to protecting children against sexual assault. Bravehearts was started by Hetty Johnston who's own personal life was touch when her own child told her they had been molested by a family member. The CD has been developed to help adults show child how to learn to keep safe. It is very light and non confronting. The CD Rom covers - Instints, Feeling Unsecured or Scared, Yucky feelings, Private Parts, Saying "No", Good & Bad Secrets, Who do you talk to and Building your own Bravehearts Helper Plan. They have a website which is
I know this is probably more for the older children but we found it interesting in how you can bring up the topic with out terrifying your child. We know there are no guarantee's but hope if we can have an open dialogue/discussion with our son then if it was to ever happen to him, he may be more confident to get away. We can only hope.

I forgot to mention in this site the name of the CD is "Ditto's KEEP SAFE adventures".

I hope this are a really great mum to let your child know about the "dangers".
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