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In your opinion how old is to old for a dummy???

I had to do a double take at the shopping centre today when I seen 2 boys with with there parents aged around 7-8 and 5-6 both sucking on dummies!!!

yep. too old
all i can say is yuk! what the???

I think 2 is prob the absolute most i would let DD have a dummy for.

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

that is way too old i would say 1 year but then again i dont have that prob with Brock he doesnt like them. literally gags on them.

age 3 is my cut off point with a dummy.
they obviously dont think its too old, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round!
we took elijahs dummy away a few weeks ago, hes just turned 2.
the latest we were going to was on his 3rd birthday.

yes i thinks its gross, aswell as older toddlers drinking chocolate milk, cordial or even coke from a bottle....we took elis bottle away when he was 7montsh old and switched him to i think my max age for a bottle would be 12months.
Way too old. I wanted to get DS out of his by we weren't far off...even thats too old IMO...but i was too lazy to do it earlier.
Yeah I think its way to old DD is 18 months old I think she is getting to old for a dummy and it will be gone by the time she is 2, and what about there peers, kids will find anything to pick on each other about, very strange I thought!!!

Jaz is three and still has a bottle and a dummy. It doesn't hurt anyone and I don't mind, she is happy and I am happy that she is happy!
I think once they have started school they should no longer need a dummy. Having said that IF they still had one there would be no way in hell I would take them out in public with a dummy at the ages mentioned in the OP.
I took my dd's away Just before she turned 2.
BUT be very careful...
I used to get evils and nasty snide comments ALL the time about DD being too old, and she wasnt even 2...
Just because she looks older then she is......

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