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What breed of dog is best for children?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone.....My husband and i are looking into getting a dog but are not sure what is the best breed to get! We want one that is really good with children and will be fun to play with! About a medium size (no too large)
We did have a Border Collie - they are THE best with children - but he really needed acerage to run around in!
Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
Thanks smile

I've always thought that a golden retriver or a lab are good for kids. Labs would have to be considering they are usually guide dogs and retrievers are just great dogs all round.
But I suppose they are a bit on the larger side and would need plenty of interaction and walks.

I suppose any dog that is bought as a puppy and trained properly and brought up around kids is going to be great with them.

Good luck!
We have 2 dogs, a Belgan Shepherd (like a german shepherd only smaller and black) and a Blue healer. Both are great and very tollerant and inteligant too. Not too many accidents. My son sits, lies, pokes, hits, pulls and any other imaginable nasty to the dogs and they just put up with it. We had them first and trained them like that though. It's not hard. My boy is nearly 2 now and loves to play ball ect. with them and I have no problems leaving them alone with him. They are best friends and make great "toys". I found my little boy curled up between the Shepherd's legs asleep yesterday and the dog had her front paws around him giving him a cuddle. Thats how gentle they can be. They also make excelent guard dogs and stand at the back door and bark when he is getting into something outside that he shouldn't be which is very helpful, we didn't train them to do this they have always done it since he started to move aroud.
Good luck finding a dog, I would highly recomend either of my breeds to anyone with kids.

We have a 6 year old male GOLDEN RETRIEVER, and have been around many goldens over the past 10 years. I think you would be extremely happy with this breed.

Females are generally around 20 - 25kg and Males around 26 - 32 and they are classified as a medium dog.
They do enjoy a walk daily or a big play outside They are very eager to please (if you tell them not to they won't)
They are clean natured (my dog only poos in one corner behind shed).
They are quite easily trained.

My dog has been around Caitlin (baby) since she was born and he will not touch her he is actually scared of her. Although if she is crying he comes and nudges me untill i attend to her (he doesn't agree with controlled crying).


Have fun with your new addition what ever breed you choose put in some training and you will be fine.

By the way LABS are good although they can bark and dig alot.
Make sure you know exactly what breed or crossbreed you are buying.

amy & baby caitlin

I love cocker spaniels! I had one when I was 2...she was my best mate, and when I was 17 I got another for my birthday! She is quite old now, so has no interest in Fletcher whatsoever, he annoys her and she walks away! They are great natured dogs, but I think you will find a lot of dogs can be kids dog given the right treatment!
I love all dogs!

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

none! they all have their faults a friend has a labradoodle and her kids love it i have not seen it but she says its very gentle but at the same time protective of the kids

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Cocker Spaniels are great with kids. I bought a puppy for my sons third birthday and they get on great. You just have to teach your child to dicipline the dog as you do. My son has taken awhile to tell Fergus(puppy) to get down and sit, and Fergus has taken awhile to listen to my son, but it all seems to be working now. I used to have two cocker spaniels and they were great with the neighbourhood kids, but I had to give them away when my son was eight weeks because my husband died and couldn't keep them, that is way I decided to get another one. My son and Fergus are best friends now and hopefully they will grow up together. They are medium dogs and so soft and cute!!!

qld,3yr old boy


We have a german shepard x lab. We got him when Kane was 4 months old, so they have grown up together. At first Zeek was very playful and got excited very easily.Typical puppy stuff. But we have found that since we had him snipped he is a different dog. Zeek is a great guard dog too, which is a bonus!

he is very gentle with Kane. Kane Sits on him and puts his arms around his neck in a big cuddle and Zeek does nothing. Even when Kane is being rough(pulling tail, lips etc), he will not do anything. If kane has one of Zeeks toys they play a gentle game of tug of war, Zeek will always take it on to the grass, so If Kane falls he wont get hurt. The worst he has done is got a bit excited and knocked Kane over.

Zeek is a great dog, but unfortunatly does have some of the lab dopeyness some days. Would Highly recommend either of these breeds. I grew up with German Shepards and they were very placid, but like all big dogs they need regular walks and lots of room to move.

Good luck with your decision.
Hi there, we have a kelpie cross and are due in July with our first baby. I hope she takes to the new bub. I recomend obedience training with any dog.
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