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Baby Shower for 2nd Baby? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

My mum wants to throw me a baby shower for my second child but I'm in two minds.

I already have everything that I could possibly want for the new baby but my mum thinks because I had one the first time around, I should have one for this baby as well. She thinks it is only fair that we celebrate the new baby in the same way.

I am not sure that people will be happy to attend a baby shower for a second baby. I'm the first of my friends to have a second child so I have no idea!

Also, last time I bought some wooden craft shapes and provided paints, stick on eyes and sequins and got everyone to paint a little animal which take pride of place on my son's bedroom walls. Any idea's what I could get people to do this time around if I end up having one?

What do you think?

traditionally you don't have a shower for a second baby but maybe you could organize a lunch out somewhere and have people pay for their meals rather than buying a gift. I had never really thought about it as celebrating the baby but now I think you should have something. I also think that the same sort of idea ( the animals ) would be great as when the kids are older there will be no competition and animals suit either a boy or a girl. If you wanted to have something at your place just ask everyone to bring a plate. Hope this helps.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

I agree with kelba! We do all these nice things for our first but the second seems to be left behind. They get all the hand me downs, not as many photos and not the same attention. I too say go for it and bring a plate is always a winner. Dont forget to involve your current child or it may start things off on the wrong foot. I agree with the animals as they are something they can keep. If you get your child to make something for their new brother of sister they will feel really important. I read once about guest painting a singlet or t-shirt and also a piece of calico decorated by everyone you could including your childs hand or foot prints. Either way I think it is a great memory for everyone and an excuse to celebrate life. Dont forget to take heaps of photos (including yourself) for the start of your new babies photo album. It will be their first party while they were in a room with no view! Hope you have heaps of fun, but dont over do it!
Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate it and it's made me think it over again!

It seems a bit mean that we do so much for the first child but every child after that gets a little less!

I think I may have a get together but specify no presents so people don't think I'm just wanting to cash in on gifts - especially ones that I don't really need!

That way, it is still a celebration and this time I thought to buy some fabric paints and some material swatches which everyone can paint a picture on. Then I can sew them all together to make a patchwork quilt.

It might be a nice keepsake for the new bub!

Thanks again, really appreciate everyone's input.

i regret not having one for my second child. this topic pops up a bit (i notice them because of the guilt i feel for not having a second one), and someone suggested having a baby sprinkle (instead of shower). If i have another child Im thinking ill have a "sprinkle" and just ask guests to bring a book, and sign their name on the inside cover.

go on, have one and celebrate.
I think all babies should be celebrated, so I don't see why having a baby shower for each child would be frowned upon?
I think what you have suggested is a lovely idea.

I didn't have one for my 2nd, but might for this baby and do something similar to what you have mentioned - sorry for stealing your idea smile

My sister and cousin-in-law both had showers for their 2nd as their first babies were 5 years earlier and they had got rid of everything.

Have fun at your celebration!
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