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What would you do about irritating nappies? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
I have previously tried using a particular nappy for my bub but it gave him a terrible nappy rash.
So back to huggies we went.
Now, just yesterday I purchased another kind of nappy that was on special and already he is red bummed again! So thats $20 down the drain!
Is it worth complaining to nappy company and asking for a refund?
There must be alot of boys 10-15kg out there because there is never any huggies toddlers when i go shopping!!
what a bother!

it might be worth saying something, other people might been having the same problem as you!

I know there are places that you can buy huggies nappies in bulk if that helps!

best of luck


melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Send them back!! I highly recomend this. I have honestly tried every single brand of nappies available through the supermarket and Huggies are the best. I have sent three different brands back with a letter of complaint when they have failed to meet my standards. I have also sent back wipes with which I am unsatisfied. I have received my money back and sometimes a gift.

I know how annoying it is - you spend money on nappies only to be dissappointed by a dud product and out of pocket. I am a single mum and have quickly learnt that I am the customer a I deserve what I pay for. I am not nasty about it but I am not going to walk away without my money back.

I know about the 10-15 kg problem too!! I had to go to three different shops to inally find the right size for my son - and I've even resorted to using the 13-18 kg on him at times!

Good luck!
Hello Melissa,

Just wondering if you could tell me of the places where you can buy huggies nappies in bulk?

Would really appreciate it.




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