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hi ladies, does anyone know where the easiest place to get a credit card is? i had a problem a few years back and am finding it hard to get approved. i can afford it easily and just want it for emergencies. hope someone can help me.
thank you
I believe Virgin are ok and not as hard as the banks?
thank you masons mummy, i will try them.
Bad debt in the past?
If that's the issue, there is every chance it has affected your credit rating, now you will be stuck with it like a dark shadow for 7 years from the default, providing you have cleared the debt up? If there is still debt outstanding you basically don't have a leg to stand on at all, you need to clear that up before people will lend to you again, as your credit history is in default. All banks and finance agencies will do a credit check on you before unsecured debt of a credit card is issued.

You can actually obtain a copy of your credit history, for a fee.
Posted by: mason''''smummy
I believe Virgin are ok and not as hard as the banks?

They're underwritten by Westpac. Doubt it'll be approved through anyone if it's got a bad debt over it.
Try a Bankwest Lite Card.

It has a really low interest rate.

I have one and I've never had an issue with the card or the organisation.


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