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Scary!! Lock Rss

There was a thing on the news last night that a lady found a man in her house holding her 9 month old daughter. He dropped (literally apparently) the baby when she found him and bolted. But that's just scary!! It freaks me out! You're not safe anywhere this days, not even in your own blinking home.

And what I was allowed to do as a kid I would NEVER let my kids do these days. I used to go to the end of our street and then out to the main road and wait for my Mum to come home (dusk this is) and I was only 6-7 (maybe younger). Anything could have happened, atleast that's how it feels these days. And I walked to school from very early on. All by myself, through empty lots and stuff. When I was 10 and older I was home alone after school, dunno if I'd feel comfortable about that now either.

Is the world changing or do we just 'know' more about it these days??
i think its alittle bit of both, that the world is changing in a way that im not liking. and that its being brought out into the open alot more. more killings , kidnappings etc are being told about on the news. the world was once a innocent place and now u dont know what to expect ne more u just dont know who to trust these days. ( no rong pun or accusations intended to ne one on this site just in general).
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