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i need advice... returning 2 work. childcare or photography PLZ HELP Lock Rss

ok might be returning to work and want opinions... i love kids and would love to work with them. so one option was childcare. my quetsion is how do i study and work? i will only be able to do it 3 days a week as i have 2 little ones also... the other option is photography i love it to bits and im eager to learn. pixi photo has a 6 week full time training period where they teach you everything and then u can work part time. i only want to work part time but i just dont know what to choose and does anyone know how either of these jobs pay? i know i would be great a childcare but i feel nervous about the whole photography work as i have no proper experiance... plz help

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

bump.. please?? anyone?

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

personally id go the photography smile

sounds like it would be more suited for u and your bubs

its ok to be nervous about starting something new, but if u love doing it im sure u will deo great!

give it a shot and see how u go
Heya, im an ex childcare worker heading for photography!

Well i still actually work a few hours a week helping a friend out at a gym creche, but im also studying photography now too.

I did my Diploma of Childrens Services whilst working, so i did it by correspondence. The pay isnt flash, depends on your qualification, years of experience etc... As im assuming you havent studied or worked in Childcare before, you would be on the base wage, ring Wageline for a correct wage, but im GUESSING you would be looking at a base starting wage of about $14 or $15. If you can only do about 3 days, try looking for a float position on casual, that will get you a lil bit more money too.

Photography, i have no idea bout the wage, but i love it! so im going to follow my heart and go with that!

PM me if i can help anymore!

Good luck!


Hi there!

Pixi Photos pay is CRAP!!

You are far better going out on your own, and look at what kind of photography you would like to do.

To start your own business in photography, you would ideally like to have a good $5 to $10k to start with.

Photography isnt just about picking up a camera and shooting either!

Id maybe have a play around with it for a while, and see if you do like it and if you are any good at it!

Ive seen many people want to be photographers, and spend heaps on the equipment, only for them to flop as they just didnt haev it!

Good Luck!!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I dunno anything about the pay rates for either but I would go for the Pixie Photo job, 6 weeks training supplied and you get the best of both worlds, work with kids and do photography.

I worked in childcare when I was studying doing holiday relief, and found it hard, as the centre was one of the first to go thru accreditation, and I found it hard not being able to say NO to the kids when doing something naughty such as hitting each other over the head with shovels in the sandpit. In saying that, my sister worked in childcare for 12 years and loved it - just depend on the centre and what policy they follow.
With Pixi, I worked for them as a photographer for about 9 months. It depends on what your manager is like as to how the fun the job can be. The pay is crap, especially when you look at how buggered you will be at the end of the day. Appointments are only 10 min (15 when you start for the first few weeks) In that time you have to go thru the spiel about what you will do, any special shots the parents want, and all the safety stuff. Then you get to take some photos - generally about 8 different poses, which takes time to move them around, change backdrops, props and even outfits. All the time you have to be pumped up and happy, which is fine if the kids are co-operating, but if they are having a bad day, it can really stuff you up. Then you have to get the parents to decide on their "free" photo, and go thru the process of hyping them up about how great the photos will be, and how much they will save by buying the whole lot. Hard when you know most people are only there for the free one, and will openly tell you. Then you get a few seconds to clean up for the next lot to come in and go thru it all again. It is very easy to get behind if you have a difficult child or parent. (one cracked it at me as I couldnt get her 8 week old to smile, so expected to be able to give the baby a full breastfeed in the studio while I waited, and then continued with the shoot) - time constraints just dont allow you to spend the time to make it special. You do however get some great familys in, and can have a really great day, but one bad shoot can stuff it all up.
Pay was worked out as an hourly wage, and then IF the studio met all its budgets (number of people booked in, number that showed up, amount of $$ sold, number of poses done etc, then the studio was also given a commission that the manager would then divide up however she felt (generally she took 70%, leaving 30% for me and all the floor staff out signing people up) So dont count on getting much out of that.
Pixi also dont teach much about "real" photography, it is just the basics of how to use there cameras and basic poses you can do using their equipment - you will just stand and watch for a week, and then help out a bit, and then take over under supervision for the final few weeks of training.
It can be a great job, or it can be really bad, just depends on the staff, and the area the studio is in.
Wow that makes Pixie Photo work look really crap. How about doing their 6 weeks training, doing it for a couple of weeks then leaving? You will have training for the photography then anyway, or do you have to stay with them a certain amount of time or pay for the training?

wow thanks so much lisa for all of that great info...

here is what im thinking... i would love to do photography and that way im working with children and learning photography which is both combined in one . I do however find it ovewhelming and i dont have any help so that makes it hard to devote myself 150 % of the time to establishing my own business etc

i know i would be great at childcare i love children and i would love to know that i am teaching them etc.. i feel like if i were to study this and work it is just a job that i can do for a few years and then maybe open up a centre of my own...

im so confused...

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi again
Didnt mean to make it sound negative, but it is a very demanding job. I had so many parents think it was a great job, and that I got to spend all day blowing bubbles or throwing teddy bears in the air, but it is really hard work to be so upbeat all day when you are covered in spew from someone elses baby and had kids sneeze in your face all day when trying to get them to cross their legs. I always made sure I had a spare top and atleast once a week would have to get changed. Also a lot depends on how good your floor staff are at getting people booked in to come that are actually interested in buying some pics. With the free sittings a lot of people just want their free photo, and just want one photo taken, which makes it hard when you have set targets to reach in terms of how many poses per sitting. It is also really hard to catch up if you do get behind with a difficult customer. Also like with childcare, be prepared to catch every bug going around for the first 6 months.
It is great when you get repeat customers asking for you, and get to see the kids as they grow. I did one lady the week b4 she had bub (draped in fabric to show her bump) and then 2 weeks later pics of bub, and then every 3 months until I left. The most satisfying one I did was a family whose son was about 4 and was very very sick. Unable to hold his own weight and had a feeding tube in. As soon as I saw them I asked if they could rebook another time, and arranged for them to come back after I had finished the days shoots. I spent over an hour and a half of my time (manager refused to pay overtime) with them, arranging boxes and materials to cover his wheelchair, have him laying down but propped up, and even managed to get some of him holding his teddy so that his feeding tube was covered. His family appreciated it so much, and it had us all in tears when the photos came back. The week after he passed away from an infection. Some of the customers really do make an impact on you.
Be prepared aswell that generally you have to make the calls (depending on the size of the studio) to remind everyone about their appt, and any time you have not doing photography you have to be on the phone trying to get customers in (you know all those ones that say, I had them done not long ago, but call me in a few months when approached in the shop) Also not all the sittings will be of kids. I had everything from sailors about to deploy to young (and very very old)lovers come in after shots. Be prepared that you will have to be very firm with some parents (they must sit next to the kids, not be up by the camera) and you will get very difficult customers who want things that are just not possiable. One shoot was 17 kids all under the age of 4, and Grandma wanted them all to be smilling and looking at the camera. Bit hard to get a 3 year old to hold a baby and smile, without hyping them up that much that they drop the babies, or to get the 10 month old from crawling off to get the toys. When you do get the perfect shot, it is all worth it.
Just dont count on Pixi teaching you too much about photography in the real world - everything is just designed to teach you how to work with what they have. If you really want to learn more about photography and composition, have a look at some of the TAFE courses. Even the summerschools have some great info. With Pixi all you are doing is putting people in set positions and focussing the camera. If you try to get too creative you get a phonecall from headoffice telling you off that it doesnt conform to their standard.
I also had a bad manager, who thought everything was baout her and had no interest in kids. We also had a lot of problems with money going missing (manager would take it out the til and take it home to count, and it would always be out, one day by $3000 - that meant we didnt get any bonus for 4 months while it was paid back) Hard when everyone has to suffer.
Another novel, but just want to give you as much info as I can, as it can be a great job, but it isnt all blowing bubbles and laughter, and wont set you up for a career, unless you want to be a studio manager, which is really just doing the rosters and showing the photos to the customers.
Goodluck with whatever you decide
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